Saturday, February 5, 2022

Rupert's path...


See thoughts and feelings like a train that enters a station and then leaves; be like the station, not like a passenger.

— Rupert Spira

I followed Rupert for a long while. Attended one retreat, but on Zoom. He calls his teaching the direct path. His direct path may be shorter compared to others, but there seems to be a definite process, and phases involved. He speaks rather disparaging sometimes about the so-called neo-advaita immediacy (the real direct path?). The "neo way" is not compromising. Rupert's path is claimed to be compromising, and contains what he calls a "compassionate concession" to the student lodged in separation. I find nothing really wrong with such an approach, but feel that the end of his process should produce a resonance with an immediate falling away of separation, and I am not sure that, for most students, that it really happens. Some (Colin Drake, for example) say that the (Nothing/everything) immediacy resonance is the last phase of the several phases making up a necessary process...and that the resonance cannot be attained without the earlier practices and realizations. I am doubtful of that position. However...all of these words are stories which, importantly, should be recognized as stories, and which may, or may not, produce an unpredictable resonance, which dissolves separation and the persistent belief in the individual person...

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