Sunday, February 20, 2022

Amazon review...for Nancy N...

Nancy is an unusual poet.  It could be said that her poetry is 

a reflection of what is called "non duality." However, she is 

not bound to the same wordings and processes found in 

modern non-duality, and prefers the sense of love as the thread 

of all life.  In "Just This Love" she writes: "this is a dance 

without dancers... love without lovers... this infinite intimacy, 

obviously without separation, without parts, without 

being a thing called wholeness or one ness or any thing' at 

all..."  It might be said that simply absorbing her poetry, 

without reference to ideas and constructs, will provide a 

possibility of resonance with her message of love..which is 

really the wishful goal of all searching.  Nancy often refers 

to a felt loss of solidity, separation, and boundaries..resulting 

in a simultaneity and immediacy..and inviting participation 

by the reader in a fleeting dance of what is passing,  

as love and life express themselves.  Very simple and 

rewarding, but seemingly difficult for some, apparently 

because of resistances  of the logical mind. "Just this Love" 

is Nancy's 10th book of poetry,  and by some accounts,  

her best yet!  Perhaps "you" have made a Wonderful discovery 

just now..!!

"the magic is the unknowing

this undeniable wondrousness is the not knowing what 

beauty is... and the love..."

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