Friday, August 31, 2018

As it is

As it is

that is the experience
of your Self..
your real Self..
not the bifurcation
which you and others
have always thought
you to be...

tree roots

tree roots

they penetrate the pipes
irrigation and sewers..and are ever
seeking it paths to 
water fulfillment..
(some patching this morning of
irrigation line by our friend, Jeremy..)
this is a seeking which seems to promise 
that seeking will bring a reward..
these roots are as we..also seeking
water or ocean or that which denies
limitation..we see in the root's seeking
a similarity confirming a truth..
so..we need to turn..and find
the roots also discover now
search paths never end..and more:
the water we seek..we and the roots
is not to be sought..but what we Are...

Thursday, August 30, 2018


We need to get used
to the truth of this word..!
it provides entry
into the new paradigm:
mind over matter..
consulting our experience
amazingly we find
appearance is all we know
or can know about
everything out there
in our
or universe...

Monday, August 27, 2018



it lies at the core of each of us..
the the appearance of
fundamental separation arriving
soon after birth
and continuing strongly..or weakly..
in life..until it is known..
ego is the modern name given to
this primal experience which
is a necessity for health and growth..
ego reality is that of the body
as observer of that outer world..
which is our cultural consensus 
our view of things..most of us seem to
live and die in this unquestioned
consensus of who we are..
ego unleashed can become more than
positive personal identity..a tool for
a unique self engaging a troubled world.. 
the ego can compound the suffering of
separation..reaching for any means
to end the suffering..which increases
our dangers..dangers to self and others..
the only solution and remedy
lies close at hand..yet distant it seems
in our consensus reality..
we must identify the ego's reality
as insufficient for a life well lived
and recognize that it simply veils
something much more:
an identity unbounded and filled
with  peace and grace...


ExamplesWord Origin

a figure of speech in which a part is used for the whole or the whole for a part, the special for the general or the general for the special, as in ten sail for ten ships or a Croesus for a rich man.


it is metaphoric
with holographic meaning
assuming a relationship
between part and whole..and part..
and by extension:
a polarity.. in which
the part lies within
is known by
(and this is the leap to be made
for truth and one's happiness)
made of the whole..

Sunday, August 26, 2018



gently tapping 
at my chamber door
came this bird
as one word..

the word seemed to say
not your old booklore
not some visitor
not the darkness there
not the whispered name..
but simply perching
and waiting..this word in
 my silence..terrified..

I sat on my cushion
with my imaginings
with my memories
some perfumed..
and the word repeated
not these..not these..

a question arose
of biblical import
and in desperation
 I implored about the
balm in Gilead..?
 the word repeated..

upstarted I demanded
departure..leaving my
loneliness unbroken..
and even to this
the word repeated..

the word still sits
above my chamber door
awaiting my waking
from my life in shadow
floating on the floor...

Poe...The Raven


appear discretely
but seem to grasp us
by the throat
insisting they are
most fleeting
and simply point
to the thing
to which they
What is that thing..?
it seems as
something between
something dancing
and shouting:
don't pin me down...!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

for Almagre Review..

Issue 6, Veterans Issue (Winter), Submissions: OPEN

Our sixth issue will be dedicated to veterans and their experience as told through fiction, essay, and memoir.

A Second Graduation.  (in progress)

We all remember the tossing of the caps..this celebration of accomplishment and endurance.
And in the spring of each year since, we are reminded of our own graduation by many similar expressions of exuberance at military academies, and elsewhere.  This iconic ritual is gratefully remembered, and marks what I like to call our "first graduation."
Our freshly printed diplomas, signed by the Superintendent, stated that we were prepared to
participate as leaders in our nation's defense.  More preparation followed in branch and service schools to ensure that details were absorbed for accomplishment of many specific missions.

Some of us did not return from the Viet Nam war, for which dark clouds loomed as we graduated.  Others lived to observe the notable failures of this war, even as they fully supported their comrades in arms. A few declared openly the discomfort they experienced by their own participation in a war which, for them, lost all meaning. As a result of these varying experiences, questions arise as to how well our preparation served us for encountering failure in our life endeavors. Would an education more fully informative of the so-called negative aspects of life--mistakes, futility, egotism, duplicity--have improved our understanding in this early stage of our lives, and the stages to follow. Or is experience the only real teacher of such things?  To be sure, however, such  teachings seem most significant as we approach a vital "second graduation."

Which brings me to my suggestion of the need for a "second graduation" from the Academy, or  really from any institution attended by future generations.  The second graduation is unique to each individual, and might even precede the first!  Simply, the second is a recognition of that dimension of each of us which observes the multiplicity of activities, the good and difficult times, through which our lives seem to move. Our attention to the activities themselves entangles and diverts our attention from this most important realization. Although a maturing process likely occurred for most of us, and glimpses of a new graduation no doubt were perceived, it seems that something more of an awakening is necessary.

Perhaps retirement is a time when such awakening  takes place.  There is a Japanese military tradition referred to as the "dismissing your loyal soldier," by which is meant an expanding perspective of reality, a birthing of widening contexts, leading to  a new self identification..transcending the duties which had so long filled our foreground. This self identity has always been truly ours, however veiled by those many situations requiring immediate and dutiful attention.The beauty of this recognition is that former times might then be revisited and experienced with much more color and fulfillment. Also, a new freedom may seem to hone our critical thinking faculties, reaching new possibilities of insight and service.  In other words, we might discover that all activities, past or present, are actually made of that wholeness now recognized by a second graduation.

The cadet hymn, "The Corps" sings of the "thrill that your presence imparts."  The "presence"  refers to the Academy's rich traditions, particularly the Long Gray Line, which indeed underly the excitement of our first graduation.  The thrill might, and should, then  expand to a larger and living presence, the gift of a second graduation.

There is only presence
a rich oneness
which is our identity
standing and witnessing
and creating of itself 
life's many separations..
Paths of separation
of resisting and seeking
seem to veil our identity
allowing only brief tastes
of the presence we crave
and words fail to disclose..
But the thrills on life's paths
present a window
which when cleansed
illumine our way home...

World Building..

World Building..

are initial stimulations
seeming as discrete until
our experience disagrees..
context swallows content
and our fragment spreads
and re-identifies as the world
or the universe..or a song.. 
yet..remaining a fragment
a fleeting perception:
world building...


John Frame's Fantastical Sculptures (Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Instead of thinking of experience as a collection of objects or nouns, feel only in terms of verbs. Instead of thinking, ‘I know such and such’, feel, ‘There is only knowing and I am that’. Instead of thinking, ‘I love you’, feel, ‘There is only loving and I am that’. Instead of thinking, ‘I see the tree’, feel, ‘There is only seeing and I am that’.  ~~Rupert Spira

Panel Presentation/Discussion:  "World Building through Art" - What is world building and why is it important in art, film, and literature? Join artists John Frame and Virgil Ortiz and Professor Natanya Pulley in a facilitated conversation about creating complex, nuanced, and real fictional worlds in their respective bodies of work. Facilitated by Professor Steven Hayward. A pre-talk reception will be held at the Fine Arts Center on September 13th at 4 p.m.  5:30 pm, Packard Performance Hall, 5 W. Cache La Poudre St. Free to the Public

The Crossing

The Crossing

it seems 
a line to be crossed
a completion to be made
acknowledging truth..finally
of mind over matter 
with our inborn projection..
it is a river to be crossed
a small boat through hazards..
hazards of insistence that
the material world speaks
for itself
evolving and sourcing
rising before our eyes..
 we await a next move..
easily are we immersed
in lively appearance..
we occasionally back off
noticing our untruthful
immersion..but soon 
clamor and curiosity
render our small boat
stalled on this side..favoring
a crossing delay...

Friday, August 24, 2018


Root my being in certainty
So I witness you without fear.
Even as the waves of blood crash over me
And the worlds char in fire.


floating away

floating away 

from a personal "i"
which occupies our days..
so many schedules and accounts 
to be settled..
it has long been so
that our i seems stolen
by habits and chores..

one morning
we might float away
to observe from a distance..
an out-of-body excursion
in which our personal i
morphs as I..

solidity spreads and softens
and we find without effort
a new I..which all have
beneath habits and chores
are darkly concealed...

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Know thyself...Study nature...(Emerson)

a dream too wild*

resistance is receding 

with clarity in bloom
boundaries are softening
rationality for a moment 
is brushed away
and experience shines.. and past
are placed in our paths
and heard with new eyes..
teachers last 
are accepted with joy..
understandings of self
stand in stark contrast
with toxicities without..
new perceptive twists
recognize real roots
and burn the brush
which for centuries
has dimmed our view:
a dream too wild...

*from The American Scholar
Quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, The American Scholar:

8)  Thus to him, to this school-boy under the bending dome of day, is suggested, that he and it proceed from one root; one is leaf and one is flower; relation, sympathy, stirring in every vein. And what is that Root? Is not that the soul of his soul?--A thought too bold,--a dream too wild. Yet when this spiritual light shall have revealed the law of more earthly natures,--when he has learned to worship the soul, and to see that the natural philosophy that now is, is only the first gropings of its gigantic hand, he shall look forward to an ever expanding knowledge as to a becoming creator. He shall see, that nature is the opposite of the soul, answering to it part for part. One is seal, and one is print. Its beauty is the beauty of his own mind. Its laws are the laws of his own mind. Nature then becomes to him the measure of his attainments. So much of nature as he is ignorant of, so much of his own mind does he not yet possess. And, in fine, the ancient precept, "Know thyself," and the modern precept, "Study nature," become at last one maxim.
The ancient precept, “Know thyself,” and the modern precept, “Study nature,” become at last one maxim. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018



has come to name a
stark no-tolerance..
an icy wind suggests
a rising fear
in far places of those
considering  a path
as did our ancestors 
for escape to freedom..

lady liberty with torch
reminds us of our
primacy of welcome..
welcome and rules 
write their
inseparable history..

when rules preside
in a stringent way
welcome is hidden
but never absent
the rules will die
as they pretend
a life of their own...

Monday, August 20, 2018

your flame

your flame

consists in burning the illusion
of your own separation and showing
others the same illusion under
which they suffer..
this simple knowing is
the fire that fuels all traditions
but often 
the heat and light of the flames
go unnoticed in favor of
a thickening blanket of smoke
hiding the flame
under a grasping belief
in the illusion...

Friday, August 17, 2018



There are many who find comfort
on their journeys
by way-stations which are
ready to assist..when approached..
There are presences there
which color experience..and are
engaged as life unfolds..

Moreover..mindfulness seems
daunting and distant for many
who relish way-station relief..
Religions have relied on this
most natural desiring:
Providing figures of faith..and
stories to map and locate the
Light and Happiness 
we all seek.. ancient and modern days
a wondering has arisen in some
about a path more direct 
bypassing those many
way-stations..which..having served
now seem to delay arrival..
and..are dissolved by discovery
that these stations are made of the
Light and Happiness 
we all seek…


CC - As we have seen from some of Madisyn's Dailys, she is a spiritual person.  But with this presentation she takes it all the way.  What she says below is not exactly new, 'tho.  What is your opinion with the substance of this??



Character or characters
are the creation..
but our perceptions and thoughts
conspire to deceive..
drawn and attached
we are enamored with the 
momentary pleasures
not recognizing that 
these pleasures are momentary
simply colorations of the
hidden aim of all journeys:
discovering true Pleasure...

"Let there be softness towards the character. When there is a reaction to who you think you are then the character is judging the character—this reinforces the mistaken identity/separation story. Being in observer mode replaces the habit of buying into the "me" story. It needs to become really clear when the observer is active so that there is an awareness of watching the character without any comment. And when that softness towards the character arises naturally, you can know that the observing position is becoming more familiar. This is really key as it trains your system to not plug into the "me" story. The personal story is seen with softness and this causes it to lose its potency as a story."
~Jac O'Keeffe

Thursday, August 16, 2018



words resurrect

words resurrect
we live our lives
with confined beliefs..
experience of truth
and transforms the
quantities of limits
to qualities of 
we depart from words
and find vibrations:
describable only
in primitive ways..
words resurrect...

Wednesday, August 15, 2018



is the aftermath
of a recognition of that
which we truly are..
it is a transformation
of what heretofore
seemed to attract but
remained quite separate..
there is new illumination
in our recognition 
that that also
is made of what 
we truly are...

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.




complexity abounds 
as we try to understand the heavens
in old tried and true ways..
the universe accelerates its expansion
so we must conclude there is something
more than the matter we see
pushing with extraordinary vigor..
naming that something as dark matter
existing in universal darkness 
is apparently beyond our viewing..
we conclude: emptiness is not empty..
and nothing is no-thing..but..?

these many thoughts..among many more
promise only unending searches 
using science's outdated lenses..
enter a new lens:  
the consciousness-only Scope..
where it is discovered that everything lies within..
is known by..and is made of consciousness:
consciousness is our reality..not all those things..
things are our fleeting  thoughts and perceptions..
yet our scientists are reluctant to cast off
their deep-seated learning..and in surrender last..the truth 
for which they are searching:
emptiness and no-thing 
contain vast possibilities..many appearing

CC, TS, et al - Here's more science based fodder for you deep thinkers.

Q: Is empty space really the same as nothing?

A: We know that the universe is very empty. The average density of space is about one atom in every ten cubic metres – far more rarefied than any vacuum we can achieve on Earth. But even if you take all the matter away, space has a kind of elasticity which (as was recently confirmed) allows gravitational waves – ripples in space itself – to propagate through it. Moreover, we’ve learned that there is an exotic kind of energy in empty space itself....
But of course this raises another question: how much of science is going to be accessible to the human brain? It could turn out, for instance, that the mathematics of string theory is in some sense a correct description of reality, but that we will never be able to understand it well enough to check it against any genuine observation. Then we may have to await the emergence of some kind of post-humans to get a fuller understanding.
These are excerpts from:

Monday, August 13, 2018

Pure Light (after Rumi)

We are darkness and God is Light; this house
Receives all splendor from the Sun
Here, the Light is mingled with shadow.
Do you want your light totally pure?
Leave the house and climb onto the roof.

- Rumi

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Stop! she says

she says..

in progress

a car approaches

a car approaches
and passes..
sight and hearing
pass into hearing 
and memory
now fading and
leaving behind
only memory
now fading and
leaving behind
an emptiness
filled with possibility
including another
car approaching:
these moments 
brought to you
by your gift of 
fleeting perception...!!



This relative seems.. is
 of solid and weighty disposition
 reported by our perceptions
and our remembered images..
All providing a constancy which
 we leave unquestioned..

That is the bedrock
the sum and substance
of all we know..and can know..
or so it seems..
Old words and new words
describe this sensical truth
which is lauded and etched ..

It is left to the watercolorist
to wipe away the words
and apply a light wash
emerging from a canvas 
of emptiness..
turning her face 
to non-relative



a writer writes
with rapt attention to words
attending special nuance
erasing and rewriting..
this is attention to content
it is thought control
and self identification
as a cluster of thoughts..
then come sensations
of contraction and limit
slowing the writing
stemming the flow..
so..seemingly we must
recast attention to the 
space between words
allowing the words to
dissolve or burn
and await new thoughts
from an empty place...

Saturday, August 11, 2018



is not one journey

nor is it many..
it is the movement
of your self
within and as
your Self..


How would you summarize your life journey?
What is the relation between journeying and searching?
How does self-identity apply to a journey?
Is travel significant to you?


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
– Lao Tzu

Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

All I wanted was to live a life where I could be me, and be okay with that. I had no need for material possessions, money or even close friends with me on my journey. I never understood people very well anyway, and they never seemed to understand me very well either. All I wanted was my art and the chance to be the creator of my own world, my own reality. I wanted the open road and new beginnings every day. 
― Charlotte Eriksson

I am no longer afraid of becoming lost, because the journey back always reveals something new, and that is ultimately good for the artist.
― Billy Joel

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.
---Ralph Waldo Emerson

A book is as dangerous as any journey you might take. The person who closes the back cover may not be the same one that opened the front one. Treat them with respect. 
― Mark Lawrence

The only journey is the one within. 
― Rainer Maria Rilke

The seeker embarks on a journey to find what he wants and discovers, along the way, what he needs. 
― Wally Lamb

The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.
― Steve Maraboli

End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it.” 
― J.R.R. Tolkien

There are many journeys.  There are those in which we are
travelers observing the world from conventional windows of 
mind and body.  There is another which entails a recognition
that we are the openness of an awareness not confined to the 
conventional windows.  Life's purpose resides in observing
the various journeys in our life experience, recognizing that our 
way of "seeing" influences what we see. Journey examples 
reside in many places: travel journals, artwork, literature,
science, scripture, and with modern teachers who appreciate 
the value of the Journey as an approach to self-realization.
We have the advantage of the web in being exposed to these
perennial teachings in a most powerful new way.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Hope and Despair

Hope and Despair

despair lodges raw in the body
which is deemed separate..alone
a contracting pain of
a weighty thing..
a darkness which admits
no suggestion of hope..
but hope seems to persist..
armed now with discovery
of new identification
of a white field which 
surrounds and penetrates
the weighty thing..
 allowing resistance to resist
the white foothold gently
is placed..hope enlarges into
knowing and seeping into
an emerging surrender...

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

the vast blue sky

the vast blue sky stands
 as the consciousness-only model
the model of truth we seek..
we have arrived after
many long centuries in which
other points of view have sustained
civilizations..their rise and fall..

the model of materialism has
dominated science and thought
reaching impressive heights..yet
intuitions are venturing questions
of blue appearances in the clouds
clouds of words and 
models outworn..

like a small airplane looking
for a hole to punch through
and sail to a destined port..
the clouds are the habits of
centuries which impede the 
recognition of truth..
fearful of the vast blue
we allow cloud covering
to delay the day
of plunging into truth...

Out of Stillness (Rumi)

I was happy enough to stay still
inside the pearl inside the shell,

but the hurricane of experience
lashed me out of hiding
and made me a wave moving into shore,

saying loudly the ocean's secret
as I went, and then, spent there,

I slept like fog against the cliff,
another stillness.


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

the ego- cloud

the ego-cloud

anger can do it
addiction and absorption also
have the capacity to veil
seemingly completely
that which we are..
it is the ego-cloud 
covering and
gaining authority in 
situations of separation
of which we are attending..
could it invitation
to perceive a lining of light
or..the screen behind the movie..
the ego-cloud then may disperse
and be discovered as a gift
from grace...

Monday, August 6, 2018

born again

born again

a religious charge and warning
but more simply for our day:
an awakening to who we are
and who we have never not been..
it is new clarity from
removing the deceptions
which religions have tended
to offer..
it is to discover a self
not confined as we
so often are taught..
and to walk a new path
accompanied by a
new understanding of

Sunday, August 5, 2018

unmarked boxes (Rumi)

God's joy moves from unmarked box to unmarked box,
from cell to cell. As rainwater, down into flowerbed.
As roses, up from ground. 
Now it looks like a plate of rice and fish, 
now a cliff covered with vines, 
now a horse being saddled.
It hides within these, 
till one day it cracks them open.

finding all boxes 
we back away
and find our
newborn Self
cracking each box...



on this sunny occasion
I with my iPhone became
an observer..positioning..
for not-posed snapshots..
in such manner
the photo shows the
in-between..those moments
when a knowing re-asserts..
 a masking responsibility
softly subsides..
sometimes it is a photo
of longing for home
beyond a distance...