Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Nature of Consciousness...Rupert Spira

The Ultimate Thought

This is the message
for which humanity awaits..
Thought is recognized
in its limited beauty beauty..only when 
this truth is known..

In regard to the question "Am I aware?", from Rupert's book "The Nature of Consciousness: Essays on the Unity of Mind and Matter."


From a beautiful and informative website:  THE AWAKENED EYE

Consciousness First

Consciousness First

When it is not placed first
science arrives at conclusions
which challenge belief..
They claim consciousness
as existing in persons
and locate multiple universes
out there..
This remains a materialist paradigm
which..when discovered and
Reality is truly experienced
will produce the fulfillment
of accomplishment which
the scientists so diligently
are seeking...

NOTE:  Here is  very interesting thinking by highly respected scientists that is validated by Afterlife paradigms.  Quantum science says you ALWAYS have existed and ALWAYS will exist.  Includes a short video by Sir Roger Penrose.   Dr Robert Lanza shares a similar theory.  (from my friend CharlieP)

Dr Robert Lanza shares a similar theory.

He believes our minds exist through energy which is contained in our bodies and is released once our physical beings cease in a process he calls ‘biocentrism’.

As such, when our physical bodies die, the energy of our consciousness could continue on a quantum level.

Dr Lanza says that “there are an infinite number of universes, and everything that could possibly happen occurs in some universe”.

As a result, he theorises that the consciousness continues to exist in a parallel universe.

Dr Lanza points to the uncertainty principle – a 1927 theory from German physicist Werner Heisenberg which says that the velocity and position of an object can be measured at the same time.

The scientist stated in an article he penned for Huffington Post: “Consider the uncertainty principle, one of the most famous and important aspects of quantum mechanics. Experiments confirm it’s built into the fabric of reality, but it only makes sense from a biocentric perspective.”

for more:

Meditation Made Easy

Meditation Made Easy

Is it really made easy..?
The use of the mantra
engages the mind with an object..
This requires the effort of attention
to the object-breath..instead
of the experience of abiding
or relaxing into
the vastness of Awareness..
The abiding is what is called:
The Direct Experience...

Direct Experience is vital and discovers 
the root of our many ills...!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Comfort in Chaos

Comfort in Chaos

Chaos rises in Comfort
shattering and shaking
in anger and dismay..
These are separation's
resistance and desire
appearing in Comfort
and as Comfort..
Awaiting remembering...

Move it in...

Move it in...
to fresh Now 
and feel it shine..
That STOP sign
appears in separation
awaiting my remembering
to move it in
to the Field
merging as
the Field
where it's been..
But for me
I move it in 
to shine as NOW...

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder

The ladder lives
in the Perennial Tradition..
That is..the Tradition of
knowing the Source
which gives birth to
religions and more..

Biblical stories unfold:
Abraham appears as
Isaac springs from
Abraham's openness
ushered by knife and

Abraham's heavenly
presence appeared
as Isaac's separation colors..
This is our earthly place 
in time and space 
with its joy and suffering..

Jacob's angelic ladder
completes the circuit
connecting and reminding
providing a snapshot
of each of us standing
as the ladder
separate and whole..

One named Jesus
held our ladder
proclaiming our identity: 
"on earth as in heaven.."
The Perennial Tradition
expressed once more...

Thursday, July 27, 2017



Researchers found a simultaneity
in a conversation
of speaking and listening..
Might they have discovered
that the common Consciousness
as common Listening
contains..from time to time
a speaking vibration
rising in Listening
actually made of Listening...?

Researchers analyzed the brain activity of two strangers who had a conversation for the first time, finding that the movement of their brain waves took place at the same time. 
This pattern is so significant that the researchers were able to find out if two people were having a conversation solely by analyzing their brain waves, and the findings could have applications for cases where people have difficulties with communication.

Read more: 

La Difference!

La Difference!
(also for Robin Izer)

Perceiving and sensing
all those worldly objects
grass seeds and mountains
far-off quasars
and twinges of pain..
Let's  pause..
And..for a moment know
all are vibrations..
all are appearing
within and made of
What you are...
Viva la Difference...!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


(for Robin Izer)

An expanding universe
and even accelerating
the Hubble appearances..
And as metaphor
a model of our Self:
Expanding That in which
our thoughts and perceptions
make their debut..
A thinning of solidity
overcoming resistance..
Dissolving name and thing
shirt and nails and hairs
our togetherness expanding
within That 
discovering only That...

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

YOU ARE (by Robin Izer)


for Charlie Coon

You are not

your shirt

nor your nails

nor the hairs

on your head

you are breath

being breathed by

the vibrating stuff

of the universe –

hydrogen, oxygen, carbon

elements of living energy

you are not

your hands

your heart

most of all

you are not your thoughts

though you might think so

you are pure

consciousness streaming

from the center of

the universe which

is both you and everywhere

complete & evolving

at the same nanosecond

wave & particle

wave & drop of water

simultaneously –

being, becoming

still, exploding

into time, out of time

but right now

just here

this presence

our bless├ęd vibrating together. 7.25.17