Saturday, July 22, 2017

Conscious AI..?

Conscious AI..? (Another
Hard Problem..)

The question is arriving
in science's conversations..
The envisioned robot
will finally express
minds functions:
but alas
a new question arrives:
Of what..?
Of what..the question lingers:
Will the robotic mind
turn from things to itself
and discover the fullness
of no-thing..?
Or perhaps:
Might their makers 
turn and discover
their own AI...?

Some Considerations...

The assumption prevails:  Mind comes from matter..

Is AI created with older dualistic science..?

A materialist construction with materialist assumption..

With a materialist understanding of consciousness:
self is limited and located in the body..

The question of AI consciousness is the
question we need ask of ourselves:
Am I aware..?

The belief we have that I am conscious
could be simply that belief..

It is difficult  to imagine that AI can, or
ever will respond to the question:
Am I aware..?

The answer "Yes" to the Aware question only
comes with dissolution of the mind..

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