Wednesday, March 3, 2021




The wind paddles

Rotating in a gentle wind

Seem as time wheel until

We recognize: Nothing 

Spontaneously being that 

Paddle and wind and sunshine..

When we omit Nothing as 

Most tend to do 

Time asserts its grasp...

Monday, March 1, 2021

Unicity..(Nancy Neithercut)

"Once the recognition of unicity hits it's like a freight train
Flattens ya
Erases all ideas of effort and achievement or any doing at all
Or next or better or other
This undeniable clear pure centerless light of equalness and evenness subsumes all and everything
It was always on merely not noticed
It is beyond conception
Or imagination or belief
It is intuited
It is an all consuming sky like brilliance"
~~Nancy Neithercut

Sunday, February 28, 2021



Conversations display variations seeming as 

Splitting wholeness..prismatic they are..joyful

Prismatically..without attachment.. as

Wholeness appears as glorious variety..

However..there is the attachment thing..the golden calf 

Hiding the whole..hatching rancor and stomach knots..

World history thus resuming in each conversation..

All of this seems so..until we kinda back away:

Prismatic joy and golden calf..a storied split..

Are still wholeness appearing as this and that..

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Word games..


Word games..

We start with word1 and word2..

Word1 points to that beyond explanation

Word2 embraces many get along..

Knowing only word2 is our conventional way..

Word2 people are often disgruntled..scrambling

For a better seeming promising places..

But alas..they find no better seems

Word2 will have to do..until a whisper in a

Cloud of frustration retorts:  your search is 

For word1..but heed this:  your freedom is:

Word1 being word2...

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Conspiracy theories..


The conspiracy bent..

Lives seem twisted and separations canyons..

Apocalyptic schedules have passed disappointing..

Family dysfunctions rampant and searing..

The suffering implodes..strong triggers are these

Begging the discovery of..simply appearance..the 

Passing of jagged dark stories..which have

Managed to transport to oily blackness..

Invitations issued for a nighttime dance...


Seem as embedded beliefs

Hijacking the owner from 

Instantaneous  freedom..

Not unlike a religious belief

Wedded to a proscriptive plan

Provided institutionally with

Promising expectations..yet

All appearances

Nothing at all..coming home...

In Washington, rioters, inflamed by unfounded allegations of a stolen election, had stormed the Capitol leaving five dead and triggering the impeachment of a president. Far from Washington, the falsehoods that had whipped so many into a frenzy were wreaking a different sort of chaos; one that was tearing families apart.

Family members spoke of their loved ones as if they were cult members or drug addicts, sucked in by social media companies and self-serving politicians who warped their views of reality. They begged and bargained with parents and partners to put down their phones for just a few days in the hope that the spell might be interrupted and they might return to their old selves.

A woman in Chattanooga, Tenn., was just days away from moving out of the house she and her partner bought five years earlier. “I feel like I’m in a twisted black mirror episode that’s lasting WAY too long,” she wrote. “I feel hopeless that we will ever get back to the beautiful life we shared in our lovely home.”

A woman in Palm Beach, Fla., had gone two weeks without speaking to her mother and was starting to wonder if the rift was irreparable. “I grieve for her every day as if she is dead,” she wrote.

A teenager in Annapolis, Md., worried that she no longer “knew” her father. “I’ve come to the breaking point,” she confessed. “My heart goes out to everyone else in this situation. It really sucks.”

Tyler, alone in his bedroom, read many of the new posts, hoping that they would help him make sense of his mother’s beliefs. Sometimes it felt as if every conversation with his mom and her new husband circled back to Trump-related conspiracies.

~~The Washington Post

Monday, February 22, 2021




Is No-thing

Being every-thing

Which is all..

And perfection..

Which begs the


What is doing..?


Improve the perfect..? 

The dance..(Unmani)


A great reminder from Unmani!
"Oneness loves to dance as if there are two"
"The reality of Life is one paradox after another.
We will never understand it, no matter how hard we try.
Recognizing that I am Nothing is not the whole picture,
just as recognizing that I am Everything is not it either.
It is both, absolutely simultaneously –
and that just doesn’t make any sense.
Nothing loves to play as Everything,
Emptiness loves to be filled with something.
No-one loves to play as someone.
Oneness loves to dance as if there are two.
And between these two sides of the paradox,
runs thought, that tries to explain it all.
The nature of thought is to
be the love song of Nothing to Everything;
continually attempting to explain or describe the way it is.
Nothing loving to express itself in this way and that.
The song of non-duality to duality,
of Death to Life,
of no time to the evolution in time …"