Sunday, April 30, 2017



is the only Truth
upon which all preaching takes place
and out of which all preaching is made..
The sermon brings a cutting edge
to the silent wholeness
and many beliefs and propositions
seem to fill the edifice..
But as we remember the Silence
the preaching words
appear and disappear
leaving gaps and background
revealing that which has
never been absent...

Perceptions and Perceiving

Perceptions and Perceiving

If we have an agreement with reality
that reality consists of 10,000 separate things
and that we in our body/minds are the 
subject and observer of all of these things
reality will unfold just thusly.. our experience we do not
find the many boundaries assumed
and the experience of seamlessness 
arrives quickly in a new day...

Thought for the day....... "You will always define events in a manner which will validate your agreement with reality.” Steve Maraboli (Life, the Truth, and Being Free)  Thanks, Nancy..!

Saturday, April 29, 2017



Searches on the internet can bring
many colorful descriptions of what is seen
as a Shifting in our time..

"A Dimensional Shift Has Taken Place and Is Still In Progress."

These most hopeful messages are phrased
in terms of progress and becoming and time..
A more startling revelation might come from
a recognition of our authentic Self
here and now..not lodged in 
becoming and time..
Spontaneous shifting..
Simple Awareness..

cleansing of perception:

by Diane Canfield,

Beloved Tribe of Light,

A dimensional Shift has occurred and we are now existing on a brand new timeline. What does this mean?

It means the Universe has catapulted us into a new state of consciousness, a new awareness. This has occurred because of the overflowing expanded consciousness that has taken place with the many beings of Earth. This occurred because of the overwhelming Love that now exists in the Earth Realm.

We have experienced Geo Magnetic Storms for the past 2 months almost continuously that have helped us achieve our new upgraded level of awareness. These storms help us to achieve upgraded DNA which then in turn builds the LIGHT Body which is needed to traverse the higher dimensions of light. Out of the last 60 days we have had 34 days of intense Geo storms.

The higher dimensions of light are based on Consciousness and the level of Awareness a being holds within themselves. As a being becomes one with their authentic self and in doing so merges with the Creator/Christ Consciousness we then become more crystalline and lighter in body, thought and awareness. This is what is needed to traverse the higher dimensions of awareness and Light.

This is how we evolve out of this 3D dimension in spurts and jumps that will lead us ultimately to the higher dimensions of light. Many beings  already exist in these dimensions. I have had in person contact with many races of ETs that already exist in these realms.  They are inter dimensional and travel between dimensions as we will be doing. There is a process involved in learning these techniques and this is why paranormal activities increase as we move dimensions. We are learning how to navigate these new realms.

Dimensional shifts can cause many issues while we are in the middle of them. These issues are physical, emotional and mental. While they occur there are also episodes of Bliss that also occur off and on. It is completely normal to feel bliss one day and then feel the effects of the shift the next day. This is how the Universe always implements new creations… it is done in waves.

For those that may have been in rocky relationships and may have parted ways-with this shift there is a chance of now reconciling. This has changed every person on the planet and we now exist on a brand new timeline. Many relationships have been under intense strain during this time. It may be worthwhile to take another look at a break up and put out a friendly hand if this break up occurred recently. Shifts to a higher timeline can change the entire dynamic of the relationship and a new start can lead both to higher awareness.

During dimensional shifting many symptoms come to light. Some of these will be intense dreaming as if we are not dreaming but really in a different reality. Intense hunger and Intense thirst. Seeing many paranormal beings or having paranormal experiences or increased experiences.

During these last 2 months my own paranormal experiences have vastly increased. I have been seeing more Beings pop in and out of the spaces I am in. Sometimes they are just outlines and sometimes more. I am seeing things moving all over my house that should not be moving. I am hearing my husband talking when he is not in the room with me or talking at all. Memory losses can occur while not being able to remember something that just came into our minds a few minutes before. Many other paranormal experiences can occur with psychic sight increasing. You may know things you don’t know how you know. You may have telepathic communication with others. Synchronicities increase. This is not uncommon. This happens every time we are shifting timelines. Although I have always have tons of paranormal experiences these are always increased during times of shifting and this will occur for those that don’t experience these things on a daily basis.

During timeline shifts all prior negative timelines are deleted. The positive timelines are allowed to come in and manifest. This is quite an important and detailed process that takes place. This has been a huge jump and we are still adapting to this shift in consciousness.

All lower timelines will eventually drop off and we will be left with a higher timeline in 5D or above. During these times manifesting becomes easier and quicker. This is a good time to go after things that may have been put on hold. This is an excellent time to set goals and start to work on manifesting what your heart desires. Nothing is out of reach now as we move ahead to the higher timelines.

The Advanced Council of Interplanetary Light is a Council of ET Beings of that have visited me in person.  They make up many different races of ETs that are all working together for the good of human kind. A new message has been received which I have included below.

Message From the Advanced Council of Interplanetary Light:

Your Planet has just gone through a metamorphosis with the Timeline Shifts that have just taken place. All beings of Earth- we ask you to send Love to planet Earth to help as this transition takes place. Imagine in your mind a huge Heart full of love and send it on to Earth during these next few weeks to help with this transition. All the lower timelines have been deleted and this takes work on the part of the Earth to accomplish this.

I love you all ! In service and Love
Diane Canfield

Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Energy & Wave Expert
Copyright © 2017 by Diane Canfield. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long the full article and all links are included
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Wave and Ocean..

Vicki Woodyard
April 28 at 6:33pm
What Charles Coon says strikes me DEEPLY. "The temporary wave only desires to find the permanent ocean...similarly, we keep the separation illusion alive looking for the permanent grace."

The Life Review

The Life Review

Expresses the Eternal Now
all of a life appearing as memory
vibrates and modulates
the Eternal Field..
The appearances near death
express themselves in ways
similar and dissimilar 
from waking experience..
Nearness of death
the death of separation
discovers the Oneness
as Love 
which is colored now
by Review perceptions...

The Life Review and the Near-Death Experience 

Kimberly Clark Sharp once shared an interesting 
near-death account of the life review of a woman 
who saw an event in her life as a child. The lesson 
the woman learned from her life review is that our 
actions which seem unimportant can be more 
important than we can imagine on the other side. 
When the woman was a little girl, she saw a tiny 
flower growing almost impossibly out of a crack in 
the sidewalk. She bent down and cupped the flower
and gave it her full unconditional love and attention. 
When the girl became a woman and had an NDE, 
during her life review she discovered that it was this 
incident with the flower that was the most important 
event of her entire life. The reason was because it 
was the moment where she expressed her love in a 
greater, purer, and unconditional manner. This 
example of a life review by Kimberly Clark Sharp 
is one of my favorite examples because it shows i
n a dramatic way a principle that appears in many 
life reviews. The principle is that the actions we 
think are unimportant may turn out to be the most 
important act we have ever done in our life. 
Unconditional and spontaneous acts of love are 
the greatest acts we can perform - even if it is 
directed at a tiny flower. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Quantum Vacuum (Poor Richard's contemplation!)

The Vacuum

It appears to be much of nothing
from the perspective of a separate self
but from the perspective of the vacuum
it certainly is not a thing but is filled 
with infinite potential to manifest
by rising in the forms of thoughts
and sensations and perceptions...

Vacuum state
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In quantum field theory, the vacuum state (also called the vacuum) is the quantum state with the lowest possible energy. Generally, it contains no physical particles. Zero-point field is sometimes used as a synonym for the vacuum state of an individual quantized field.

According to present-day understanding of what is called the vacuum state or the quantum vacuum, it is "by no means a simple empty space".[1][2] According to quantum mechanics, the vacuum state is not truly empty but instead contains fleeting electromagnetic waves and particles that pop into and out of existence.[3][4][5]

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Girl Finds Beauty

A Girl Finds Beauty

(Thanks, CP!)

This is a lesson on Beauty..
The five senses point to the real objects
we claim as the body and mind and world..
The real objects are:
Seeing, Hearing, Tasting, Smelling, Touching
and are experiences of all we know or can know.. 
The appearing objects of the world 
such as the Taj Mahal 
most believe and assume are separate
but the separation is illusion which 
limits and locates and imprisons..
So..the Grand Canyon displays beauty 
only when the separation collapses
and seeing is at last experienced
as simply a coloring of Self..

The girl was an inspiration..!

CC- Blog material?  CP

Subject: The 7 Wonders

Your Real Nature

Thought for the day....... “You are the Self, here and now. Leave the mind alone, stand aware and unconcerned and you will realize that to stand alert but detached, watching events come and go, is an aspect of your real nature.” Nisargadatta Maharaj

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Right Hand

The Right Hand

This is a story about grace.
So many years ago this person
(it is not recorded whether man or woman)
had the rarest of maladies:  an awareness
of only a left hand..
To which she adapted and gained leftist skills
but the longing for that which was missing
became more and more painful with passing days..
Many searches undertaken to find what was missing
ended with disappointment and only more yearning..
One day a chance meeting with an old friend
led to a conversation on a park bench..
The friend was aghast at the suffering and
 stories of searching most painfully recounted..
Her council was to cease searching out there
and draw attention to that very close at hand..!
Finding in that moment the peace
he had sought..was like grace..
He knew then that grace was recognition
a recognition which is at hand
in all times and places...

Work and Freedom

Work and Freedom

Life seems to be work
until we extract from work
that which is not work..
The extraction points
to a new Identity
made of equality and grace..
Then we are called
to re-enter our work..
To find our work within
not we within our work..
On this path:
Freedom is born...!

Sunday, April 23, 2017



After April rains
the desert dryness
apparent this spring
has unfolded
in green expression..
This new coloration
a multiplicity
 of leaf and bird
coloring bleak dryness
as mind and world
emerging in Spring...

Saturday, April 22, 2017


A fear driven life is a violent life; and all fear comes from the identification with the mind (thoughts) and body (feelings) and the intense desire to preserve them. That is why this teaching has been called a prayer for death because one must experience themselves in spite of mind and body by merging with the Absolute; and is made possible by Divine Grace alone which chooses the devotee who has chosen It to the exclusion of all others things.
-Atreya Thomas  (Facebook)

The Perennial Tradition

The Perennial Tradition

This Tradition seems lurking
as the real Theory of Everything..
It is a pull toward recognition of
the real Self which we all are..
This sacred Tradition
places our Self and our
seeming self-separation..ego
in a perennial dance 
which has always been so..
This is the Illumination within
which all of our religions their
 temporary patterns express..
Science has neglected 
this Formula until it was found 
that an Observer has been hiding
and must be revealed 
for further advance..
We seem to be on the threshold
of a startling discovery:
Our Self is Everything
the real TOE for which
we have perennially 
been seeking...

Are you tired of the conflicts of religion? Of dire warnings and fears?
Have you heard that all religions are rooted in something called
The Perennial Tradition?  Charlie Coon, one of your neighbors
presents a Pillar program which is dedicated to awakening the freedom 
which is available with an understanding of The Perennial Tradition.
Where:  The Myron Stratton Home (Hwy 115 South), 
When: The third Friday each month, 10:00 to 11:30 AM.  
Charlie can be contacted at:

Thursday, April 13, 2017

STRETCH (Awareness)..April 21st, 2017

STRETCH (Awareness)

Friday, April 21st, 2017...10:00 to 11:30 AM
Myron Stratton Home
Facilitator:  Charlie Coon

The program will consist of a Guided Meditation
and reflection:
"Meditation is what we are, not what we do."
(Rupert Spira)

"The separate self is not an entity; it is an activity: the activity of thinking 
and feeling that our essential nature of pure Awareness shares the limits 
and the destiny of the body and mind."
~~Rupert Spira


STRETCH (Awareness)

Friday, April 21st, 2017...10:00 to 11:30 AM
Myron Stratton Home

Facilitator:  Charlie Coon

"It may seem that, due to the limitations of language, the word Consciousness (being a noun) may suggest that it is an object. However, Consciousness is not an object; it is that which is aware of all objects.

That would make it a subject.

However, even that is not true, because a subject distinct from its object, would also be some kind of an object.

Therefore Consciousness, or ‘I,’ is truly beyond the subject-object. The mind simply cannot go there, let alone adequately express it, because the mind is itself an object and has no access to that which is prior to itself.

So two alternatives are open to us: the first is to remain silent on the subject and just live one’s experiential understanding from moment to moment, expressing it in all one thinks, feels and does and secondly, to use the rather clumsy, abstract symbols of language as sensitively and creatively as possible in an attempt to express that which can never be truly expressed in words and yet is, strangely, the only ‘thing’ that is ever being expressed.

What is unique about the word Consciousness (and any of its synonyms such as peace, happiness, love etc) is that it points towards that which is not a noun or an object, towards that which truly is, in contrast to words such as ‘tree,’ ‘body’ or ‘concept’ which all point towards objects which are never actually experienced as such.

In this way it could be said that the word Consciousness (and any of its synonyms) is the only true noun because it indicates that which is real rather than that which is imagined.

Having said that, I am not advocating the use of the word ‘Consciousness.’ It is just one of many ways of trying to indicate the nature of reality which is beyond all words.

In that respect, to try to find a verb rather than a noun in very legitimate. We might say something like aware-ing, knowing (not conceptually), table-ing, chair-ing, laptop-ing, sky-ing, but even that is not really accurate…..sooner or later we fall silent!

(from Rupert Spira's Q & A's on his website)

“This perpetual longing for happiness—which can, by definition, never be fulfilled because that very search itself denies the happiness that is present in our own being now—condemns us to an endless search in the future and thus perpetuates unhappiness. It is for this reason that the poet said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” 

― Rupert Spira, Presence: The Art of Peace and Happiness

The Daily Quote from Rupert Spira, 8th April 2017

At the back of the mind is a doorway with the words ‘I am’ written above it. First, turn towards that doorway; then walk through it. Turning towards it is an activity of the mind; walking through it is the dissolution of the mind. That dissolution is the revelation of our essential nature of ever-present, unlimited Awareness, the abode of peace, happiness and love.


We are often advised:
be as objective as you can..
let's have a rational discussion..
just the facts, Ma'am..
There is an assumption
under all of these cautions: perception..discerns
what is real out there..
There is the rub..!
Perceptions find appearance 
never the object..!
We experience perceptions
and thoughts and these
are our objective world..
The result?  
Thoughts and perceptions
are temporary colors of an
impersonal  "I"
leaving subject/object
dissolved in light...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sinkhole on Chestnut Street

Sinkhole on Chestnut Street

An apparent disturbing trend marks
increasing numbers of sinkholes worldwide..
One attribution points to the electromagnetism of the sun..
Perhaps also pointing to a recognition that in truth
we are citizens of the sun..
The earth seems as separate and other with so many
fissures and flaws and temporary landscapes
which come and go..
Yet the sun shines with all apparent stability
lighting our daily background..
But then we recall those cosmological warnings
of the sun's eventual demise
blinking countable time..
So..the perennial question recurs:
what does not come and go as does
the sun and the earth marked with
that Chestnut Street sinkhole...?

Monday, April 10, 2017

Mary and Martha (Version 2.0)

Mary and Martha (Version 2.0)

Mary falls asleep in her warm bed in Colorado Springs..
She dreams she is Martha working in a kitchen (where else?)
of a sleazy cafe in Denver downtown..
Martha is often disgruntled with her burdening job:
low pay, understaffing, surly customers, 
and no health insurance..
So..on this night Martha reached the end of her rope..
And let out a bloodcurdling most piercing SCREAM
so loud that it reached Colorado Springs
waking Mary from her fitful sleep..

We leave these two (really just one!)
with Mary's awakening cry:
Oh My God..!
I know now that I have been Mary
all night long...! 

(with my thanks to Rupert Spira..)

Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Lenten Message

A Lenten Message

2000 years of theology and science
 double down on assumed separation..
The assumption lies in hiding 
prescribing limits and locations..
Worshipful observing and measuring
lodges us in an imprisoning body..
A crisis arises when it is found
we cannot locate this body or prison..
Of a sudden a veil is removed and
separation melts as ice in warm water..
Yet now we can celebrate separation
with a body finally set free..
The cave is empty and we are not
the person we assumed to be...

Saturday, April 8, 2017



From our perspective of separation
an experience of vast emptiness
 can fill us with fear and with terror..
Why?  Is it that our identity
freshly discovered finds ourself
not the limited located self
we have assumed and believed
for lo so many years..!
Might it be our introduction to:
I am...!

After a long winter, a long and at times heavy season of Lent, and the retelling of the events that led Jesus to the cross, we come this morning wanting an encounter with the risen Christ. But Jesus is not in Mark’s Easter gospel. Instead we only have the women who in their terror and amazement run away and tell no one. What we have is simply an empty tomb, an empty cave, an empty hole. Empty.

Friday, April 7, 2017


SPRING is chirping..
just now..a SPRING walk..
SPRING forms a birdsong
imagined on a high branch...
No skill in naming the bird..!
Attention shifts to the warming sun
to the sprouting dandelions
to shining white on the distant Peak
to melting of  recent snow:
these many SPRING songs..
shaping and returning
as each footstep
rises and falls...

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Do we have free choice?
A question which halts and stumbles..
The head says yes and imagines
those twists and turns so far..
The heart says no and invites a plunge
into its infinite abode..
An abode in which we experience
that impersonal Self
into which the head choices
fall and dissolve...

Rocking Chair Across the Room

Rocking Chair Across the Room

Quaint and pleasing to the eye
seemingly separate and independent
as I observe from my seat
across the room..
Does this story end?
The appearance..what else
might be said? Well..
Sinking into oceanic wholeness
the chair now is experienced
as an impression within and as
seamless wholeness..
my real identity
and yours...

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

pixel possibilities

pixel possibilities

This very small image element
is a projection of the computer..
Seeming objects are projected by
let's say: a subjective computer..
Resolution in variation 
clouds and clarifies..
These apparent visions of science
assist in our meditations..
Consciousness as the computer
comes first 
initiating multitudes of pixel dances..
RedGreenBlue express temporarily
an image made from the computer's 
infinite pixel possibilities.. 
Consciousness contains our life pixels
projecting our low resolution dreams
and higher resolution wakefulness..
Why important..?
Our seeing is beginning to upstage
our illusory focus on those pixels... 


The most basic unit of an image displayed on a computer or televisionscreen or on a printer. Pixels are generally arranged in rows and columns;a given combination among the pixels of various brightness and colorvalues forms an image. ◇ A subpixel is one of three components of apixel used in the representation of a color image. Each subpixel representsthe contribution of a single color—red, green, or blue—to the overall colorand brightness of the pixel. 

Our Living Language   The images on a computer screen arecomposed of tiny dots called pixels (short for picture element). The computer controls each pixel individually. Most monitors have hundreds of thousands, or often millions, of pixels that are lit or dimmed to create an image. Each pixel of a color screen is made outof one red, one blue, and one green subpixelgenerally arranged ina triangle, adjusted individually to create the combined effect of single color but treated as a unit pixel for determining resolution.Pixels vary in size according to the size and resolution of the monitor. Smaller pixels provide higher resolution, and therefore sharper images, but require more memory to store the color and intensity data of each pixel and more processing time to refresh thescreen. Resolution is frequently referred to in terms of dpi, or dotsper inch.
The American Heritage® Science Dictionary
Copyright © 2002. Published by Houghton Mifflin. All rights reserved.
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