Friday, April 28, 2017

The Life Review

The Life Review

Expresses the Eternal Now
all of a life appearing as memory
vibrates and modulates
the Eternal Field..
The appearances near death
express themselves in ways
similar and dissimilar 
from waking experience..
Nearness of death
the death of separation
discovers the Oneness
as Love 
which is colored now
by Review perceptions...

The Life Review and the Near-Death Experience 

Kimberly Clark Sharp once shared an interesting 
near-death account of the life review of a woman 
who saw an event in her life as a child. The lesson 
the woman learned from her life review is that our 
actions which seem unimportant can be more 
important than we can imagine on the other side. 
When the woman was a little girl, she saw a tiny 
flower growing almost impossibly out of a crack in 
the sidewalk. She bent down and cupped the flower
and gave it her full unconditional love and attention. 
When the girl became a woman and had an NDE, 
during her life review she discovered that it was this 
incident with the flower that was the most important 
event of her entire life. The reason was because it 
was the moment where she expressed her love in a 
greater, purer, and unconditional manner. This 
example of a life review by Kimberly Clark Sharp 
is one of my favorite examples because it shows i
n a dramatic way a principle that appears in many 
life reviews. The principle is that the actions we 
think are unimportant may turn out to be the most 
important act we have ever done in our life. 
Unconditional and spontaneous acts of love are 
the greatest acts we can perform - even if it is 
directed at a tiny flower. 

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