Monday, April 10, 2017

Mary and Martha (Version 2.0)

Mary and Martha (Version 2.0)

Mary falls asleep in her warm bed in Colorado Springs..
She dreams she is Martha working in a kitchen (where else?)
of a sleazy cafe in Denver downtown..
Martha is often disgruntled with her burdening job:
low pay, understaffing, surly customers, 
and no health insurance..
So..on this night Martha reached the end of her rope..
And let out a bloodcurdling most piercing SCREAM
so loud that it reached Colorado Springs
waking Mary from her fitful sleep..

We leave these two (really just one!)
with Mary's awakening cry:
Oh My God..!
I know now that I have been Mary
all night long...! 

(with my thanks to Rupert Spira..)

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