Monday, March 18, 2019

The Search

The Search

We all know
what it is to search..
For what do we search..?
Apparently for many things
yet these things disguise that
which is the real object
for which we are searching:
which end our
desire to search...!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The "I Am" Portal

The "I Am" Portal

a portal of experience
as a patch of blue
breaking the clouds..
a clearing to reveal
the infinite Am
in I Am...

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Fox and Hen

Fox and Hen

thoughts these are
of fox and hen..
predator and protector..
these are images of
our inner separation
the suffering we endure
as we identify with
 these old beliefs..

we suffer as we search
for a restoration which
we know is near..
the fox and hen
wait to be relieved
as the agents of
our long delusion..
which is promised
with the recognition
of a new identity
bathed in grace...

See..Luke 13:  31-35

Monday, March 11, 2019


What is a hologram?

to begin
our hologram is
 a construct of
 whole in the part..
a creative thought
 striving to understand
the nature of ourselves

the brain
 is not the source
of our hologram..
but a view of 
filtered through our
 creative thought..

thought..most creative
cannot know
without dissolving in that..
so our dear hologram
as a favored construct
must an illusion be
standing alone..

Friday, March 8, 2019

Clouds of Pairings

Clouds of Pairings

non duality 
the sages say
is highest expression
of Reality..
it is negation
of separation
of multiplicity..

our intuition of
that words limit
and separate..
all words..!
words recall words
of opposition:
you know more..

non duality 
the sages say
is highest expression
of Reality..
it is a negation
of separation
of multiplicity..

still..Truth eludes..

finding Silence...!

West Wing...March

Rupert Spira:  How to Experience Yourself as Awareness

Rupert Spira:  What is Enlightenment?

Mooji...I Am explained

Mooji...readiness for enlightenment...

“To take up the idea that there is something you need to do and a destination for you to arrive at will serve to create a seeker within you. It establishes a belief system that you must do something to be something or someone that you are not already. All of this is thought.”
~Jac O'Keeffe

Thursday, March 7, 2019

What is a tree?

What is a tree?

The mind 
as thought
is the naming
after  arrival
of an image
of our tree..

walking back
we realize there 
is no tree..but a
 series of brushstrokes
on the canvas of
our perceiving mind..

quietly and quickly
in an eye's blink
the mind's thought
names a tree
and 'lo.. we speak
of a tree..

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Lady Luck

Lady Luck

what seems 
as good luck or bad
dresses a teacher..
our smaller mind
when confounded by
the unexplained 
drills down to locate
what must be there:
a cause and effect..
often 'tho..alas.. luck..

then might dawn
the recognition:
what is happening
is all at once
right Now..
what is happening
halts the search in  
 no time and place
and Lady Luck
smiles and
takes a bow...

Sunday, March 3, 2019

The dream goes on

The dream goes on

but the dream now
is an enlightened dream..
one of knowing 
the dreamer and dream
as one..
that is the waking
that seems underway
and which promises
the peace and happiness
for which all
are longing...

The dream goes on, but it is as though you are awake inside the dream. Nothing is so serious. Then, the marks of anxiety and worry, they leave your face. The tensions that are created through the mind and its fears and projections, they're also being discharged, leaving. So when others see you, there's a Vibration, there's an Energy present in you that is the most powerful and yet at the same time, the most beautiful, because we remind each other of our True Nature...
Just try and keep your attention in the Beingness; that natural sense. From there you can see that actions, reactions, interractions, they are playing totally spontaneously. You're just Here. Looking at life, looking out from a kind of Vastness and yet, you're not shopping for experience. Your Beingness IS your Experience.


Rupert Spirqa...Understanding

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Waiting for Elizabeth (Beth) Ann

Waiting for Elizabeth Anne
(Beth Anne)

Times and places
seem so long ago  
scattered and distant..yet
 on grandmother's quilt
names are revealed
of those women whose
 vitality brought forth
an awaited birth..

Imagination is
silenced by 
contemplation of the
innumerable stories
the sorrows and joys
which are veiled
by the quilt's
sharp brevity.. 

They are here today
to attend this gathering
in celebration of 
the blessed life
of a granddaughter and
daughter and mother
named Beth Anne..

(We gather and honor:
Marie, Adele, Maria Francoise
Oliva, Elizabeth, Philomene,
Betty, Nancy, Sarah Elizabeth,
May, Nancy, Mary Ann,
Margaret, Diane, Elizabeth,
Martha, Matilda, Chariety,
Sarah Frances, Emma Jane, Pearl,
Betty, Eleanor, Sarah Elizabeth,
Eleanor, Letitia Anne, Barbara,
Wilhelmine, Ella, Mary,
Elizabeth, Lucy, Deborah, May,
and Lucy Maria...)

Friday, March 1, 2019



history (and science)
have an obstacle..
the observer fades
as  happenings
go their separate ways..
the world as objects
stand as mystery
to be solved by
undaunted effort..

as separation rules
the number of paths
of investigation grow
large and larger..
and the observer
fades still more..

that is, until a
discovery of futility
revives awareness
of the observer
who is huddled
in a hidden place..

subject and object

subject and object

we learned long ago
assumed in school
a simple grammar lesson:
subject and object
maps all of life's
comings and goings..

some have rebelled: 
restricts my freedom..!
but consent has been
the ticket for entry
in cultural games..

to some..experience
seems flouted: 
subject and object 
equals dogma..belief..
experience proclaims:
there is only subject..!

followed by retort:
senses record objects
in the world we find..
displayed out there
seen from in here..

so for now
it appears 
we can choose
either world:
experience..or belief...

Your preference...?