Saturday, September 11, 2021

Simply Not-Two


Simply Not-Two..

A suggestion

That appearances

Are and are not..

That emptiness

Appears in

Separation's guises..

The delight of

This as Freedom...

The Non-dual Suggestion..


The Non-dual Suggestion..

This is the suggestion

Made loudly or quietly

That "not-two" may be

The prize you are seeking..

The suggestion is non-stop

Arriving from every branch

And bird..and hubcap


Freedom's Spontaneity...

Freedom's Immediacy..

Fighting for freedom

Is the battle cry of separation..

Freedom is not is repeated..


Freedom seems to arrive when

Freedom appears already as

Expressions such as these...

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Non-dual Simplicity


Non-dual Simplicity

It seems that separation

Dominates perceptions

Until a simple paradox 

Shifts things for some

Potentially for all...

Spontaneous dreams

The immediacy

Is the  reality

Nothing outside

Cannot be known

Permanent is temporary


Spontaneity is

The total reality..

Knowing interrupts and

Engages an unending quest to

Know spontaneity.

Non-dual Spontaneity..

Spontaneity  of Not-Two..

The Not-Two Message..

The Not-Two Suggestion..

Simply Not-Two..

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Non-dual Journeys...


Non-Dual Journeys..

appreciating that journeys are for seekers.  

The seeker is the onewho experiences "I know." 

When I believe that I know, there is an inkling 

that contentment will come with just

 a bit more knowing..thus, the journey of the 

seeker.  Is it unending..?? 

Non-dual journeys are not journeys, but the end of

the separation-believing seeker, or "me."  A shift

of perception, in which nothing changes...

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Paradox Sparks...


Paradoxical Sparks...

A new name for this group!  The name refers to the seeming

paradox of emptiness spontaneously appearing as what-is-happening.  

This is the not-knowing and freedom, which express the reality of life... 

(paradoxically) for no-one.   Paradox captures the immediacy 

of separation and the dual nature (real/unreal) of  appearances, 

which the dream of life flashes...again,  for no-one...However, 

these are only words, assembled as a description, which may seem 

to be what-is- happening:  an appearance of a new name and focus 

for the group...    Thanks..!!   ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Paradoxical Sparks...Refers to the seeming paradox of emptiness

 spontaneously appearing as what-is-happening.  This is the 

not-knowing and freedom, which express the reality of life..

(paradoxically) for no-one.   Paradox refers to the appearances

of separation with their dual nature (real/unreal), which the 

dream of life flashes...again,  for no-one...However, these are 

only words, assembled as a description, which may seem, 

while reading,  to be what-is- happening...

Paradoxical Sparks...

Friday, August 27, 2021

With it..!!


We hear the expression

"With it"

To imply someone is 

Aware, or not, of the situation 

At hand..

This illusory someone


Feels praise or dismay

For no one appearing as

This already...

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Brother's letter. (Miranda Warren)

Letter from my brother (Miranda Warren)

 I find it so odd that many seekers write that life is a nightmare of horrific suffering and only Enlightenment/Liberation/The Shift/Awakening/Whatever will somehow release them from this earthly bondage. It paradoxically sounds like the Christian belief in original sin, with enlightenment the equivalent of salvation.

I have long maintained that most people, apparent people or not, would NOT want "this." My brother has spent time reading and talking about this as he has always had a genuine curiosity about life, and he recently write me this beautiful "defense of the me" so to speak. I would never in a million years wish upon him what happened to "me," as it would truly be his death, as Andreas Mรผller and others have called it, and his life is beautiful and perfect, no liberation required:
I don’t really know what you are talking about. I am glad I am who I am. I am glad I live in a world where what I do matters, where there are things that are beautiful and things that are terrible, people who do good things and people who do bad things, even if we are all only human. I am glad everything that happens, happens personally, I am glad I will die a little every time my children get hurt and I am glad I will one day lie on my deathbed, hopefully an old man because , dear sis, I do have hopes and dreams and also fears, and on that day I will look back on my life, yes, MY life that I loved, the choices I made and the things I did, and I will die at peace, suffering and all.
You were the one who used to talk of the virtue of suffering, remember, you read that sci fi book? (note: he is referring to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley). You were right. I think you and D (my cousin Danielle, who has also had this “shift”) have lost something that makes us all human, and as much as you seem a blissed out romantic poet it makes me sad you will never know your nephew as yours, never agonize over everything he does and his failures and successes, never have kids of your own, never feel the pain and also the love of our crazy family, never get married and want to die for the one you love and kill anyone who would hurt them, never feel betrayed or loved and honored.
If you could package what you have, I don’t care how fucking blissed out or peaceful, it sounds like Jesus freaks to me blissed out on God, I’d throw it in the deepest ocean and keep it away from people. We are flawed, sometimes tragic and fucked up creatures, but our lives are real, the world is real, and maybe one day before you die, and I mean “you”, you’ll feel it and see it again.
Your real and personal brother……

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

all map..(Nancy Neithercut)


life is as

'real' as it 'seems'

what is real what is unreal? these are concepts to denote how 'solid' thought feels. belief in thought makes the dream thought paints feel real. awakening is the end of belief in thought, the end of belief in belief
the end of the feeling of separation, of separate things divided by space and events divided by time
there is no territory, it’s all map
~~Nancy Neithercut

enlightenment is the dream of knowing you are a dreamt character in a dream of separate things and events, that all time, dimension, causality, all qualities and characteristics, all distinction, all division, all measurement, as well as ideas like 'wholeness' or ‘oneness’ or ‘enlightenment’ are made up. there is no convincing you of this, as it does not happen to you, an imaginary persona in this dream of separation. this is not a belief or understanding or a philosophy, it is a profound shift in perspective that does not happen to you or me…. there are no ‘enlightened’ people there are no things divided by space nor events strung along a timeline there is only what seems to appear, looking and feeling like anything at all self arising and simultaneously self erasing without time or timelessness without movement or non movement there is no other takes yer breath away, don’t it?
~~Nancy Neithercut

Thursday, July 22, 2021

trying to lasso the clouds or sky..(Nancy Neithercut)

 there is simply no feeling that 'LIFE SHOULDN'T BE LIKE THIS!', or trying to lasso the clouds or sky or thought or feeling...

or capture this dream that sings itself as there is no feeling of separation from this magical aliveness
there is no worry at all, but there may be concern,
as all hope and fear of a never arising next is gone
(and there is never boredom)
weeping heart wrenching sobs and feeling the utter beauty and awe... the gob-smacking magic of life looking and feeling like anything at all... that there are no things no selves, no next, no other,
.... no love...
and yet it all feels, somehow like love... like awe.... like
nothing at all….
such bittersweet beauty of life and death and love and
all that seems to sweep through this passion play
last breath of midnight dissolves the moon and her reflection
….and where is love when it is all love

~~Nancy Neithercut

This is Toni Packer—a chapter called “Yearning for Completion” in her book THE LIGHT OF DISCOVERY: When the sense of “me” is present with its deep feelings of insufficiency and incompleteness, with its endless searching for perfection and security, we can’t see freely. There is always that feeling of incompleteness as I think about myself. The thought of “me” is of necessity incomplete. Any thought is incomplete. There is no complete thought. Thought comes from fragmented memories that can never ever capture the aliveness of this moment. No matter how much I think about myself, what I am, how I am, what I should be—it’s never the whole live thing, because I am immeasurably more than the fragmented thoughts and pictures and feelings about myself. Thought and feeling cannot be complete. The completeness of life cannot be captured in thought or feeling. Thought is trying to do it all the time, but it can’t. We live in thoughts and feelings, alone and with others who are conditioned in the same way. From the thought-feeling of incompleteness arises wanting and fearing. Wanting completion and fearing the absence of it. Wanting fulfillment, meaning, and purpose. Wanting and fearing. In observing carefully, one finds that not a moment goes by without some wanting or fearing. Even if there is a moment of fulfillment, there comes the desire for more of it or the fear that this moment will end. One wants to keep it, wants to prolong it. All of it comes out of this feeling of incompleteness, which inevitably goes with the idea of “me” as a separate entity. And then there is the trying. Trying to become complete. Trying to become complete through thought: the spiritual paths, the exercises, the imposed practices, whether self-imposed or imposed by a discipline that one takes up, trying to become complete through time. It is all thought. Do we see that? Both the incompleteness we suffer from and the completeness we strive toward are thoughts and images. It is all an escape from what is actually happening right now, this very instant—simple all-encompassing presence without lack, unthinkable, vast, indivisible. --Toni Packer, from The Light of Discovery

This is from FB entry by Joan Tollefson...

Saturday, July 17, 2021




"Not this..Not this"

That old-timey formula to find 

One's true self..then updated:

Not nothing..not everything

A viral communique..then

This news flash:


All of these "Nots" left the self

Bruised but resilient..still standing.. 


This obscure notice could always be

Found buried in the Obituaries:

The self inquires..the self is inquiry

Freedom is already as inquiry dies..


Friday, July 16, 2021

Meaning of Life..Jim Newman


*Q: ** Jim, what is the meaning of life?

Jim Newman: There is no meaning and no need for a meaning of life. Everything is already what it is, which is already needlessly, free and fulfilled.
“Life” is not separate from what is. Without separation, there is no space or distance in which the need for a meaning of life could arise.
There is only what is. “What is” is not objective or subjective, it is not conceptual, knowable or understandable. “What is” is indivisible, all encompassing, everything without position or perspective, no inside, no outside, not two, not separate, non dual.
What is – undifferentiated everything – can appear as something, a perspective, an apparent position. A position can be experienced, making the appearance seem personal. **As a personal experience, life appears to be an object or “a something” requiring meaning. **However, the person is illusory and has no reality outside of its experience of itself. The search for meaning is a need that arises out of that experience, which is the experience of separation, the experience that “what is” is real and personal.
The question or search for a meaning of life comes from the longing for wholeness, absolute freedom, which is unknowingly a longing for dissolution, an end to the person. The personal experience inevitably seeks for an answer to the question of “what is my life about?”. **For the person there is no answer because this, what is, is not about anything. **And it does not need to be about anything. The only solution for the person is the end of the person.
The person cannot go beyond the illusory nature of itself and cannot help being an effect of itself: a seeker. Its search is for love, for more or better experiences. It experiences itself on a path to find what it hopes will resolve its dis-ease of need. The path is seeking. Seeking can be the search for money, power, more… Because the search does not and can not address the cause of need, it can only lead to more seeking. The premise for seeking – that something intrinsically is wrong or missing – is illusory. Consequentially all of its efforts are hopelessly limited to that false premise.
The person is trying to overcome this dis-ease of the need for experience through more experience.
The effort exerted by the person can never lead to the fulfillment it seeks, the unlimited all inclusiveness of the unknowable “what is”. What is longed for is beyond personal seeking, by being “what is” already. “What is” is not an objective reality, is not knowable. “What is” is emptiness being everything as it is. Everything being what it is, is already complete, already absolutely free, without any need of meaning.
***~Jim Newman - I was never able to believe the answers, offered by canned religion or spirituality to the meaning of life, while growing up. A seeking was engendered that ended without finding any answers to the questions. It ended with the end of the questioner. The revelation: there is no need to seek what is already complete."

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Story of fractals..


Story of fractals..

These fetching images
Are messages of similarity and
Similarity is noticed by a
Mind searching for unity..
A single snapshot
Freezes the motion of 
Never-ending iteration
Of similarity..
Similarity is not a's
Without boundaries and edges
Appearing as no-thing..
This is the mind-story of
Fractals..a story appearing
As nature and  desktop...

Friday, July 2, 2021



We already live

All of us

In what appears as

A polarity of

Nothing and everything..

While some ignore nothing

Others ignore everything..

Freedom arises with the

Death of polarities

Leaving This..

What is This..?

Nothing appearing as everything...

Sunday, June 27, 2021



What can be said of love?  Usages vary from the

quite trivial to levels of soaring philosophical 

thought. The word is often caught in the language 

trap of subject and object.  Finally, as Miranda says,

it is simply This. Religious teachings often make the 

word to to be prescriptive, as in love-your-neighbor, 

which places it back in the trap.  So, it seems if 

love is not discovered as This,  free and not free, 

and inclusive even of the trivial, the levels,  the 

traps, the prescriptions, everything, it is not love... 

Friday, June 25, 2021

Only the dream..


Only the dream..
The appearances of no-thing
Are all of the arisings..

Appearances and no-thing are
Labels which detract from the
Seamlessness of the dream and
Which are already erased..
All of those seeming-things and our
Seeming-self among them
Seeming to be here and gone..

The seemings direct our attention
To something subjective
Also detracting from the
Raw stuff of dreaming
The seemings are already erased..
Only the dream...

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Last day..


Last day..

He has found 
As he always has found that for
Which we have longed and
Searched..It is being..whole..
Deo is everything including a
Cat appearing to watch outside..
Outside and inside..the scene 
In the street..yesterday and today
Nothing excluded..including the
Can of tuna in his memory..
This dance of everything in a
Life appearing to end without
Ending..inviting us to enter
Our own dance of life...





Is said to be indescribable..

Elaborators say it is spontaneously

Everything..without time and space

Without beginning and end..and it

Is nothing appearing to no one..

All of these words flailing around to

Dress up another little word..This..

And it does need dressing..This seems

To be something close-in like this 

Keyboard and screen..there must be

A better word..but for now such does

Not seem to pop out..and there seem to

Be many who are happy with

Let's be happy for a while..

As while expires..we can recognize This as 

A thought and that thought floats by followed 

By thoughts of  finger dances on a keyboard

Or wind softly dripping from the rooftop

Or of light sounding as an auto's blare..

This..may have just fallen into disuse

Or not...


Monday, June 21, 2021

Dog whistles..


Words are portraits of separation

The separation dream from which

There is no escape..

Yet we read words..many words..

And make hook-ups between them

Dream stories conjured with abandon..

We discover speakers knowing that

Words are portraits of separation

Others who seem not aware..

Perhaps there is a dog whistle for the 

Resonating ear..hearing no whistle

Finds words not yet whistling..

This whistling story appearing...

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

A wisp of wind..


Non-duality seems a long-sought goal for those who

have progressed, layer by layer, to that which seems close

to becoming nothing at all. All of those meditative paths

have all expressed and melted into what now seems as a 

final melting.  Yet the sticky thing that remains is the wish 

to talk about it, to explain your journey and what seems as 

your arrival, explain it to your self using a very minimum 

of toeholds. And the thought looms that you are no further 

along than told by a memory of that beginning.  Waiting 

for a breeze, no more than a silent breath through wispy 

curtains, echoing from the distant hills in a soundless end a self, which never was... 

Wild Celebration..


Me is the one I think I am.
But that one has never been included in what’s going on—this celebration, this wildness.
Me hasn’t been excluded—nothing is ever excluded from what’s always going on.
What’s going on—this wild celebration—includes absolutely everything.
There are no fences, to leave anything on the other side.
There’s no other side.
But Me is excluded from this wild celebration of reality, by its unreality.
There is no reality, and no unreality.
But Me has invented unreality, and made itself unreal, by saying “I am real.”
Me is exclusion—so it can’t celebrate, and isn’t wild.
Me has invented itself, as exclusion from what is, and as a constant search for wildness and celebration.
By inventing reality and unreality, and insisting “I am real,”
Me sits excluded, and longs for the wild celebration of what always is.

~~Dan Litvak

Tuesday, June 15, 2021



Faintness may give the impression of fading separation.  

An art lesson for a seeker.  The seeker will then

point to what remains, when fading ends, as the recognition 

sought..formlessness pointing to nothing.  Or the seeker

might see the faintness as increasing separation.  Nothing

appearing more and more distinct and definitional.  Both

processes are, however, quite enticing, but futile.  Liberation 

is the end of process with this spontaneous appearance,

which resists any and all definition..but may include 

the processes and enticements suggested by artful faintness.   

Friday, June 11, 2021

Summer blue..


Season's colors seem to yield

Spring green to summer blue

To autumn red and winter white..

Appearances these to no one..

Annual colorings appearing at once

In daring spontaneity in the

Reading of these words...

A real appearance..


A real appearance.  What is real?  The appearance is real as

an no one.  That is the wholeness..No-thing 

appearing as a window framed with green leaves of spring, 

with somewhat somber coloring.. No-thing appearing...

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Into each life some rain must fall..


Into each life some rain must fall..

That is the consolation of beliefs 

In separation..yet

Beauty is found abounding in the

Separation of lives and rain 

In the appearance of these


Friday, June 4, 2021

The story..


The story of someone being trapped in the story can be a very painful story indeed, but there is no one who is trapped (or free), and no one for whom pain actually belongs. But wonderfully the painful story of being a trapped someone can be seen as just that....a story. This seeing or recognition can seemingly be the beginning of a new kind of a story, a story of liberation, but there really is no new story....a story is a story is a story and this seeing or recognition is simply the story writing itself all by's just somehow obvious that the story isn't personal and that it's just a one separate from it and no one who is even in control of it. It simply plays out all by itself and the seeming character who seems to be doing many thing is just part of the are the story.

~~Antonia Lovejoy

Monday, May 31, 2021

What is this..?

What is this..? the story of a journey, lengthy usually, to discover that all 
recollected twists and turns and recalculations are appearing at once, a
spontaneous this.  This appearance pauses the search which was
fueled by miles and miles of desire and driving..(all included as this). 
There were reports of astronomical entanglements and big bangs 
touted as escapes from linear unease.  There were many words 
of elevated spiritual knowers, which seemed to soften those twists 
and turns. And snippet sayings on social media which tasted as spoonfuls 
of delight.. (all included again).  But after all of this, a story of separation 
remained leaving a gray pallor, a resignation and hardening of the now 
wary traveler.. (all inclusive).  Meanwhile, other travelers are 
nonplussed by all this seeming nonsensical fuss..(not left out).    
Please pass along a bit more, if you make this more complete..
(yes..that too, already..)...

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Paths...This is it...!


We  meander through the appearing paths of our days.  Paths  appear as

other paths disappear.  The path less traveled often offered as sage advice.  Finding

our own unique path is another prompt.  And there are some stops suggesting our

need for rest.  So many paths with beaconing ends..and the clock ticking.  Awaiting, 

apparently, a simple sign on some path some day:  This is it...!

Monday, May 17, 2021

The story of you..Miranda Warren

 'The story of you' - reflections from Miranda Warren~ ❤ 

"For all the millions of words that have been spoken about this subject [nonduality - "everything and no thing"], from ancient texts and revered holy men to instant YouTube gurus and Facebook sages, not a single idea that anyone has ever shared about this offers any more explanation than you will get by asking the wind why it is blowing or asking a newborn baby why it was born. All your life, you have been taught a story that creates a “you,” a story of identity as an autonomous person in a world of separate beings and things. If you had not been taught this story, reinforced by everyone you have ever met and your entire environment, there would be no idea of “you” at all, no one who knows what they are, a certain type pf person with a history and a story. Your story is as much yours as if you randomly went into a film production studio and accepted the next part that was available, and that became who you are. You are no more than that. And neither is any one else who appears in this dream of life.

If it happens that the nature of your imagined identity is no longer taken for being solid and real and true, you may believe that some appearances must have an answer to the questions that arise. But they do not. Their words are merely pointers suggesting that what we think we are and know is not what it seems. But all the pointing to alleged truth is simply pointing in an endless hall of funhouse mirrors. As Prisha says, “all of these stories and thoughts and ideas and concepts are only additional appearances.” The so-called greatest wisdom and deepest revelations about what is, even the very concept of ‘what is’ and all the cherished idols of nonduality, everything and no-thing, this being it, love---unconditional or not---are simply more stories in the book of fairy tales. We may love the nonduality story, but like all other tales in the unwritten book of life, it’s just another fable."

Amazon review of Nancy Neithercut, The Dream of Enlightenment...




there is deep peace subsuming the dance...

an unassailable silence evading the song...

a hush of unknowing among all

this assumed knowing..."

This is the gift of peace which Nancy Neithercut offers.  She comes to us from

what she refers to as a shift in perspective.  Her "shift" allows an explosion of

expressions as "no-one," in no place, and no time.  Nancy's  poetry simply

writes itself..and carries the reader into realms of unimaginable

beauty.  She resists any definition or prescription from her writing which is

restrictive to a free flow of love, and availabile to all.  Those who are versed in

modern notions of non-duality will find a resonance, but anyone residing in

a place of openness will realize they are in the presence of a spontaneous  

flow of words which soar and astound, and present many surprising and

repeated joys.

"hope and fear simply memories of a

desert dream where you wandered as

thirst itself, looking for the source of the

waters you were but could never drink...

"Self is the assumption of separation, the

illusion of solidity...that there are separate

things and events.  It is natural for you to

assume that if there is this, there is that...

but there is no this nor that

nor both nor neither

there is no nothing nor is there not is all of a piece, of itself so...

spontaneously self arising and self erasing..."

Do you sense what I am saying?  Even five stars is a meaningless rating

for this treasury..!!

"Nancy's poems are vital reading for anyone exploring or experiencing what we call a nondual perspective but will touch the heart of everyone who loves poetry. Nancy's poetry breaks free of the boundaries of thought and language, revealing our shared dream of life with eyes open wide in wonder, streaming tears of joy and unutterable beauty. 

This latest collection of poems breaks our hearts open to life, evoking subtle reflections and life-shattering perceptions with original and masterful literary artistry, alive with deftly crafted lines that will take your breath away as they work their way deep into your heart. “ The Dream Of Enlightenment And The Wonder Of It All “ is a dance of language, a language of the dream we walk through; a vision of the world beheld by eyes ablaze with fire. 

Nancy sings a song that echoes all that is reflected before us, all that is known and so much that is unknowable and cannot be spoken of in any other way. Poetry is a way of saying what words can otherwise not even hint at, and Nancy’s flowing verse is a river that runs through the essence of our human experience, opening the floodgates of unnamed emotions we can only call love; a sense of ineffable wonder and awe at life’s mysterious dance that is rarely glimpsed, and far less frequently rendered into words."

Miranda Warren

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sonnet 18...(Nomadland)

Sonnet 18: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Thou art more lovely and more temperate:

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,

And summer’s lease hath all too short a date;

Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,

And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;

And every fair from fair sometime declines,

By chance or nature’s changing course untrimm'd;

But thy eternal summer shall not fade,

Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st;

Nor shall death brag thou wander’st in his shade,

When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st:

   So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,

   So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Worded world. (Nancy Neithercut)

 The worded world of separate things and events, of time dimension and all measurement, all this and that is the shared dream of objectified separation. This consensus conceptual overlay consists of flowing description and is mistaken by most for reality. As conceptual beings we can only ‘know’ this conceptual world. But all description all words are defined by other words, and create or paint this world of this and that, and are not inherent to the physical world. If our brains were different we would have a different description of the world, a different reality.

It is the height of ego grandiosity to believe that when you die, the universe disappears. That is why we call it the shared dream of separation, the only world we exist in, the only world we know.
Only through us does measurement enter the universe, only though us do love and beauty enter the world. We are the light of the world, the pinnacle of evolution where there is an awareness of aliveness and of awareness through this imaginary separation.
The knowing that and feeling that all separation is made up, that all things are mentally fabricated is the shift in perspective of which I sing. It is simply beyond belief or imagination or understanding. It is a sublime emptiness and an amazement that anything seems to appear at all. It is like the first and last kiss… always…
As this unicity is always on, it cannot and need not be brought about anew.
It is merely recognized or not.
~~Nancy Neithercut on FB..

I love this post that I saved from Nancy's writings and wanted to share! She includes thoughts like these in her beautiful books (available on Amazon). ๐Ÿ˜‰ Eve Reece Nancy has 'shifted' into another way of being -"awakening" would be a mild term for her realization, words are inadequate! "There is a generalized compassion and uncontrived unconditional love that arises When it is seen That we are clearly Without a doubt Each other And love can look like a lions roar or a butterfly kiss Some are not fond of what I say There is no god no true self no source no timeless awareness or pure consciousness there is no method or path that leads to awakening no one awakens no one has ever awakened in the history of mankind 'Awakening' doesn't make you a saint or a selfless doormat It has nothing to do with feeling better or becoming a better person You do not become a rainbow light body Thoughts do not stop Feeling deeply does not end However it becomes impersonal There is nothing solid or stable or fixed there would have to be separate things in order to have movement or nonmovement and there are no things There is no escaping this dream of separation that you are there is no outside to the dream as outside and inside are all dream stuff just like all this and that This is it coyote this is your life whatever it looks or feels like and it's not even yours" ❤

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The picture show...(Eve/Reece/Tony Parsons)


The picture show...

A huge "model" in non dual teaching is that of the movie and screen and 

characters and awakening from the dream. All of those "things" interact 

with the end purpose of coaxing the searcher away from a devoted belief

in separation. Simply a picture show. The moviegoer identifies with 

a character who is deeply asleep looking for the saving grace of knowing

true identity lies in the screen. The character is really consciousness, and

awakening is told as that finding. This story is quite easily enjoyed by 

a moviegoing "me," and brings a knowing quiet to the theatre.

Yet..this story can be shelved with other stories heralded for their 

awakening potential.  Some are called scripture.  But..enter a spontaneous 

story made of nothing, and a dancing thought that any story, or no story, 

will do... Home and not home for the homeless...

Many years ago, I read this in Tony’s book, ‘As It Is’…”When I know what I am, I discover that I am not existence, I am the presence which allows existence to be”.

These words left a tremendous impression on me. I felt that all my years of searching had finally come to an end. I could finally sit back and watch the ‘picture show’, the comedy/drama. I could now understand why Tony seems so amused by it all! ๐Ÿ™‚
To quote Tony from his book - “I am not my life story, the mind, the body, feelings, experiences of pain or pleasure, struggles, success, or failure. I am not loneliness, stillness, frustration, or compassion. I am not even what I think is my purpose, the seeking, the finding, or anything which is called spiritual experience.
When I don’t know what I am, I sanctify experiences, take ownership of them, give them great significance. I believe they mean something which, when understood, will provide me with answers and formulas. But these experiences are only consciousness concealing and revealing itself in order to be recognized. When I know “what” I am, I discover that I am not existence, I am the presence which allows existence to be. Existence either blossoms in that presence or reflects back my sense of separation."
Tony Parsons~. (This quote posted by Eve Reece on FB group: "The whole world is a stage.." )