Monday, April 29, 2013



Reflecting this moment
on what we call
our waking world..
from rising sun
to setting of dark..
some are asking:
is this a dream..?
some of scientists
are also asking:
observer and observed
are these contained like
 dreamer and dream..?
then we are asking:
if all is dreamer and dream
what would waking

True Story

True Story

a flow
of many forks
one river source
end in beginning
beginning in end
 wholeness transcends..
the river much more
with similar forks
reflecting the source..
this river story
perhaps it's location
 unclear:  out there
or in here..?
if no answer 
a True Story...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Third Eye

Third Eye

Four eyes
in soft contact
contact lost
and regained..
separate in merge
in this moment
four Now one..
finding the
shared illusive
Third Eye...

(Third Eye as
pineal gland..
small singular
organ behind
our eyes..)



Into our space
life varieties penetrate
many are those
greeted with joy..
yet many others
find our unwelcome
depositing a wish
to flee or fight..
and questions of Why?
darken the wish..
perhaps the Taproom
or the PastryPantry
answers the wish..
Her advice arrived
simply one day:
enclose each invasion
with a Welcome..!
then watch for
a Light display...!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sixteen Swans

Sixteen Swans

Rising in our morning
might we find a theme
an image which gathers 
 ragged edges of  day..

Before engaging take pains
 reject defective creations..
 surrender to one theme
 emerging from shadow..

Then to survey many
mosaic pieces fallen..
and find on the floor
theme patterns reflect..

Must know our theme
is well hidden
arrives in variations
through ambiguous day..

Then in our depths
in ecstasy we know
the theme we created
is our creator also..

Recapitulation at evening
a symphony complete..
we explosively repeat:
Now it is good...!

"Today I saw sixteen swans.
God, what beauty!  They 
circled over me for a long
time.  Disappeared into the
solar haze like a silver

--Jean Sibelius
while composing his
5th Symphony..
the ascending swans 
his theme...



plaintive in treetop
faces all directions..
now there are two
 connection uncertain
a plaintive connection...?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

A rock enclosure
 horseshoe formed..
walls display 
 an animal kingdom:
serpent and tortoise
elephant and frog
a swift trout..
guarded by a
human appearing..
images stimulate
mind's search for
similarity without..
in finds out..
out is in and...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Rocky path

Walking path uneven
feet mold rocks
rocks mold feet
feet awaken...

Poet's path uneven
hands mold words
words mold hands
hands awaken...

Spring day

Chilly spring day
between winter and summer
winter bias...

Spring in the middle
 seasons between
are good homes...

Those opposites
detract and demand
middle grounds...

Right and left
corpus joins callosum 
I'll join you there...

The middle
is not muddle
is energizer..!

Between Awakens...!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Red Violin

owner to owner
perfection is passed..
each owner nods
to this idol
with awestruck glee..
but perfection
interferes and disrupts
even poisoned once
an intimate encounter..
forgotten in this
and other tales
is human waking
 shifting and reaching
of shadow and spirit...

(reference the
late Roger Ebert's
review of the 1998

Real cooking

chopping the carrots
and the onions
with tears..
this fragmenting
 in linear time..
now dialogue ensues
carrots and onions 
join other friends
ingredients unite..!
a community in heat
transforms and shapeshifts..
an aroma announces
a new creation
a quantum delicacy
before her eyes...

(for Marge..!)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lessons from Spring Garden
Clear away dead useless matter, its season past.
Use tools that do the job with the least harm.
Give emerging growth space, light and air.
Get down on your knees.
Be not afraid of mud.
Surrender to your role as Nature's Co-creator.
Wonder .

                                                                         (Poem by Mae on Hello Poetry...!)

Music two ways

One way expresses
music listening
 not food for thought..
Another expressed by
a master pianist
88 notes and pedals
differences of sound
are infinite..
practice is love
finding those 
illusive differences
coaxing secrets from
the secretive piano..
might a listener
also grasp
a measure
of difference in
her reverie...?

 listening advice
from Eckhart Tolle,
and the experience of
differences told by
Joaquin Achucarro

Gazette: After viewing two video performances of you on the Internet — Falla’s “Nights in the Garden” and Mozart’s “21st Piano Concerto” — I was struck by how differently you approached the keyboard. It’s almost as if each piece was being performed by a different pianist.
AchĂșcarro: All my life I have been striving to find the proper technique to express on the piano what I want. If something is impressionistic, you have to be different in how you approach the keyboard. It has to be crystal clear. When I play Rachmaninoff or Bartok again, the way is different.
The piano is a funny instrument. People think that you hit the note and that’s that. But you can hit the same note in so many different ways. If you think that you have 88 different notes and pedals and harmonics — so that the amount of sound that the piano can do is literally infinite. To make that instrument sing and make a choir and an orchestra (sing), it’s a marvelous task. That’s all I can say. That’s why I practice and when I finish our conversation, I will go again.


Where is it
with or without
the interruption
of distracting
Might it be
by those
without distraction
no Oneness..?
Sunday musings...

Friday, April 12, 2013

for Kathryn

Of a sudden
this shadow..
in this time
of our Knowing
she is not prepared
yet prepared..
we Know now
 of her light
named and white..
and even now
as I pass these lines
for her comfort
each cell is flooded
fully wrapped
in Light...

The Red Stain

A vision aRose
of expansive yellow..
with careful sighting
a small but definite
Rose stain appears..
Her self-portrait
claims this identity..
She asks if I hear
the sound of a poem..
with careful listening
a violin string
the approaching sound
 resembles most..
the string declares in
 ecstatic pain and joy
new birth once more
coming of Spring...!

for Eileen Rose...

Here's a reflection...

There is a necessity for
Bart's work..
A need for new grounding
for faith..
Despite all the mistakes
400,000 in all..!
the timeless parables
and the two Commandments
These are tools
for spiritual growth.,.
So, were the mistakes
really a filtering
to bring to the foreground
what is most important
in our time...?

Thanks for your comments, 
Leigh and Larry!
See u both tomorrow..

(Will Cc David Gardiner)
Hi David..!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Opposites or poles
look carefully inside
poles unify...

A poem draft
with nighttime delay
trims nicely...

Auto repairs
on path to rustpile
this delay...

Famous theologian
talk on scripture errors
spiritual hunger...?

A discussion
oppositions ride supreme
dialogue limps...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jesse's Prize

In recent reflection
on William Faulkner
Jesse said:
my years inform me
this may be my last..
Our hearing then
gained special import..

We've heard before
of the Faulkner
imagination and scope..
of Jesse's attachment 
from an encounter
in Denver to an Oxford
 graveside visitation..

He absorbed 
Faulkner truths and
made them his own..
Truths quite simple:
a heart in conflict
a universal locality
a history not past..

These eternal verities
and struggles informed
Jesse's decades of
 inspiration for many..
Let's look once more
at that famous address
that Nobel moment..

Mr. Faulkner said:
Someone dedicated to
anguish and travail
will stand here..
Let us then
you and I
ask Jesse Gatlin
to come forward..
And in silence
with memories
and stand in
that place...

Thomas' doubt

He seems one of us
perhaps from Missouri..!
demand solid proof
 senses supreme
trust for experiment
science is truth..

Do we mis-read..?
did he see more
than sight and touch..
his doubt his treasure
the real grounding
of  faith...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Penned photos

capturing the moment
penned photos...

Deer in clearing
photo difficult with movement
become the clearing...

a garment we wear

Bicycle tires
round on rocky trail
order on chaos...

Vertical alignment
sun and Peak and dead tree
declining Light...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wind and shadows

Earth and wind
gritty dust teeth sense
dry speaks...

Late day sun
small pebble multitude
each casts shadow...

Step up inhale
then down exhale
ladder anchor...

Children on trampoline 
bodies straight then curved
life micro...

Sleeping bruises
a waking surprise
bruises bloomed...

Thanks to Mae
for her 
"how the bruising bloomed"
on Hello Poetry...!


some youth are wary
of the claims of
 professions out there..
these seem to wrap
handcuff and chain..
a desperate need
for gifted tutelage 
to locate precious
knowing then that
each profession's byways
spring from this


On shoulders standing
they say..
some shoulders are
quite unknown..
these are roots
for our branches..
beginnings and ends..
and science now says
fractal iterations..
but then 
two more claims:
there are neither
roots nor branches
and only one...


When she arrives
in a city
where she is
altogether unknown..
a delicious treat
her light lightens
a joyful while..
but soon a 
her light thickens

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


when connected
a story forms..
in the connecting
a certain glimpse
a spark divine..
illusive it is and
without notice the
 dots grow dark
becoming shells..
we are wrapped
once more..
we hunger then
for new connecting
 another glimpse..
with discoveries of
new dots and stories
hopefully we know
the life of a dot
is sweet and short..
but the connecting
is always sweet...

responding to Mae's
poem "cocooned"
on Hello Poetry

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


A haiku flash
this new toy at ready
dullness shatters...

Moment of violence
suddenness in tranquil field
deeper field prevails...

Unusual fog today
reminder of sameness in all
 differences jump...

Sublime distant Peak
parking lot autos..light poles
constrictions disappoint...

Evening news
connects screaming dots
so few dots...

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mountains and Prairies

Prairie wide angle
skydome over vast flatness 
top down...

Mountain peaks reach
interrupt skydome with thrust
bottom up...

Mountains and Prairies
teach crucial lessons
interlaced perspectives...

cocooned within my fantasy
twisting floating feeling free
believing stories I've been told
this mortal wrapping now grows old
gratitudes and platitudes
now fall away a fruitless play
for ruthless truth
I've now a hunger
reveal the essence
shatter cover
consciousness grows not from mind
but deep my source my spark divine

poem by Mae
published on Hello Poetry

(my photo)