Thursday, April 29, 2021

Worded world. (Nancy Neithercut)

 The worded world of separate things and events, of time dimension and all measurement, all this and that is the shared dream of objectified separation. This consensus conceptual overlay consists of flowing description and is mistaken by most for reality. As conceptual beings we can only ‘know’ this conceptual world. But all description all words are defined by other words, and create or paint this world of this and that, and are not inherent to the physical world. If our brains were different we would have a different description of the world, a different reality.

It is the height of ego grandiosity to believe that when you die, the universe disappears. That is why we call it the shared dream of separation, the only world we exist in, the only world we know.
Only through us does measurement enter the universe, only though us do love and beauty enter the world. We are the light of the world, the pinnacle of evolution where there is an awareness of aliveness and of awareness through this imaginary separation.
The knowing that and feeling that all separation is made up, that all things are mentally fabricated is the shift in perspective of which I sing. It is simply beyond belief or imagination or understanding. It is a sublime emptiness and an amazement that anything seems to appear at all. It is like the first and last kiss… always…
As this unicity is always on, it cannot and need not be brought about anew.
It is merely recognized or not.
~~Nancy Neithercut on FB..

I love this post that I saved from Nancy's writings and wanted to share! She includes thoughts like these in her beautiful books (available on Amazon). 😉 Eve Reece Nancy has 'shifted' into another way of being -"awakening" would be a mild term for her realization, words are inadequate! "There is a generalized compassion and uncontrived unconditional love that arises When it is seen That we are clearly Without a doubt Each other And love can look like a lions roar or a butterfly kiss Some are not fond of what I say There is no god no true self no source no timeless awareness or pure consciousness there is no method or path that leads to awakening no one awakens no one has ever awakened in the history of mankind 'Awakening' doesn't make you a saint or a selfless doormat It has nothing to do with feeling better or becoming a better person You do not become a rainbow light body Thoughts do not stop Feeling deeply does not end However it becomes impersonal There is nothing solid or stable or fixed there would have to be separate things in order to have movement or nonmovement and there are no things There is no escaping this dream of separation that you are there is no outside to the dream as outside and inside are all dream stuff just like all this and that This is it coyote this is your life whatever it looks or feels like and it's not even yours" ❤

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The picture show...(Eve/Reece/Tony Parsons)


The picture show...

A huge "model" in non dual teaching is that of the movie and screen and 

characters and awakening from the dream. All of those "things" interact 

with the end purpose of coaxing the searcher away from a devoted belief

in separation. Simply a picture show. The moviegoer identifies with 

a character who is deeply asleep looking for the saving grace of knowing

true identity lies in the screen. The character is really consciousness, and

awakening is told as that finding. This story is quite easily enjoyed by 

a moviegoing "me," and brings a knowing quiet to the theatre.

Yet..this story can be shelved with other stories heralded for their 

awakening potential.  Some are called scripture.  But..enter a spontaneous 

story made of nothing, and a dancing thought that any story, or no story, 

will do... Home and not home for the homeless...

Many years ago, I read this in Tony’s book, ‘As It Is’…”When I know what I am, I discover that I am not existence, I am the presence which allows existence to be”.

These words left a tremendous impression on me. I felt that all my years of searching had finally come to an end. I could finally sit back and watch the ‘picture show’, the comedy/drama. I could now understand why Tony seems so amused by it all! 🙂
To quote Tony from his book - “I am not my life story, the mind, the body, feelings, experiences of pain or pleasure, struggles, success, or failure. I am not loneliness, stillness, frustration, or compassion. I am not even what I think is my purpose, the seeking, the finding, or anything which is called spiritual experience.
When I don’t know what I am, I sanctify experiences, take ownership of them, give them great significance. I believe they mean something which, when understood, will provide me with answers and formulas. But these experiences are only consciousness concealing and revealing itself in order to be recognized. When I know “what” I am, I discover that I am not existence, I am the presence which allows existence to be. Existence either blossoms in that presence or reflects back my sense of separation."
Tony Parsons~. (This quote posted by Eve Reece on FB group: "The whole world is a stage.." )

Monday, April 26, 2021





The non dual way says that the "me" (separate self) and the "other" are illusory concepts, and love and freedom are found  by recognizing the illusion  The dualistic way says the story of me and the other constitute reality..which brings about "relationships," expected suffering,  and separation assumptions about everything..which the non dual way would say is the dream. Apparently.  However, might we recognize that duality can be expressed either as independent reality, or as a non dual "appearance."  Nonduality appearing as everything. right or wrong expressions in "everything." But we can also say that all of this stuff amounts to conceptions, thoughts, interpretations..all of which happened in my writing, and in your reading.  Appearances all..!  And all perfect and whole. This!  This is the spontaneous message of Nothing/everything, considered to be radical Neo-Advaita by some, but simple and directly fulfilling by growing numbers of discoverers. 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Mesmerization...(Nathan Gill)


While the story of individuality is happening, purpose will usually seem significant; there’s a sense of a ‘me’ going somewhere. That’s the play of life. The idea that there’s no time never makes any sense to "me."   Time is mesmerisation with the story in thought such that it appears significant, whereupon thoughts of past or future—which are actually only presently appearing ideas—are taken to be real. The only reality ‘past’ and ‘future’ have is in fact as ideas.

~~Nathan Gill



with the stories we tell.  Accumulated stories.  Which seem to be 

what we are all about. Some are unpleasant, others not.  Knowing 

"stories-as-stories" glides past as failing to add to our settled 

understanding.  Stories grab our freedom.  Even the pleasant ones

nostalgically shackle our days.   Characters with stories..and 

quiet longing.  Longing for stories-as-stories to give us pause, as

no one.. Simply that...

Friday, April 23, 2021

A thought...(Byron Katie)


There are lines of "teaching" which identify thought as the

culprit..that is, a thought that is a face of "me."  Then comes

the recommended inquiry which wrestles with the thought,

which is really me wrestling with me.  This makes me happy, as

it seems that a win over the thought will set me free,  perhaps

as soon as this week.  While in secret..a loss of the match, allowing 

the thought to be, is the end of me..and..freedom is found to be

already appearing as me...

Fading solidity..


Fading solidity..

Fading.. may seem appropriate

for a non dual initial solidity

with seeming permanence..becomes lighter..

Trees fading from green to the 

whiteness of snow..all of this seems as

the role of the artist: to depict the temporary

and transparency of it all..a pleasant story..

But a story it is..entertaining "me.."

Yet we might let this story be a story

Appearing as this..and real beauty is

At last exposed...

Sunday, April 18, 2021

"I am" explodes..!!


"I am" explodes..!!

There is the self inquiry

used by some to discover what

is said to be a new self..

Qualifications of I are dropped:

names and genders and all locatables..

Leaving a lonesome I am..and a possible

frightening explosion leaving no-thing

freeing up everything..or for others

just an explosion..these are dreams

By no one containing explosions...

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ramana musings..(Wouter van Oord)

 Conscious Immortality.

According to Ramana the essential 'YOU' is 'The real SELF'.
Ramana says: "When you hold on to the I-thought, all other thoughts will vanish, leaving the SELF.
The SELF is not found in external objects.
Turn your gaze around and plunge within. YOU will be The SELF!
The SELF is free from all qualities.
The real SELF is eternal.
The fals self is born and dies.
It is impermanent."
This is Ramana's vision in a nutshell.
When asked:" How can I reach the SELF?"
Ramana answers:" There is no reaching the SELF. 'YOU' are the SELF! You are already That! I-AM. "
Ramana say this can be realized by practicing Jnana-Vichara i.e Self-Inquiry.
It's clear that the 'You' that is doing Vichara is the SELF.
There is no other.
What Ramana teaches is: You have to find yourself Awake as the SELF! Inevitably You are That! It's as simple as that!
The only thing You must NOT do is to confuse The SELF with the self. You have to crush the false! To crush Avidya (ignorance of one's true nature).
It all sounds like it's no big deal.
A piece of cake!
But in fact it is like trying not to think of a pink elephant!
Instead of handing the seeker a key to liberation, Ramana hypnotized them into the belief that something needs to be removed first. To erase the Ego!
Up to this very day hundreds of Millions of seekers are trying to localize the Ego in order to crush it. It's like trying to catch the wind in a box. You will inevitably fail and be left in despair.
This method is totally futile.
Despite this, an army of gurus keep selling this crap for good money to a gullible herd of seekers. Whom in return keep believing they are on the right track towards the parsley field or to the end of the rainbow.
At the end of the day they will all be worn out and be discouraged
and find themselves where they always already are. Nowhere to be found and mortal unconscious.
Wouter van Oord.

What is a non-dual journey..??


What is a non-dual journey..??

This is a journey of freedom 

Floating free..some like to say..of 

Conventional separation..and more:

Separation-seen-through leaves an empty

Immensity allowing everything to 

Express without boundaries..appearances

Arriving spontaneously without any fences

Of time and space..yet even separate things

Appear in time-and-space garb..but do not

Grab the headlines..and make way for

New red and blue ribbons decorating and

Un-decorating a landscape of freedom..

Sound like freedom..? Or another story

Containing too many words.. satisfying 

An expectant quest...?

Monday, April 12, 2021

There are no things..(Nancy Neithercut)


This unspeakable majesty which is everything and nothing has no edge or center. As there is no outside, there are no things outside of it and no inside. As there is no outside there is nothing that can be added or taken away. There are no things that are interconnected or interrelated, and it is not one big thing that can be split apart.
Utterly spontaneously life does itself. There are no things, yet all and everything is included. All this and that is made up, mentally fabricated, like an edgeless sea painting a line in itself with water, there is no actual separation, only imaginary separation.
All thought emotion and action happens completely naturally and is not separate from the awareness of this symphony of perception. No one or thing does anything or nothing. There is no separation period.
There are no words for this infinite spaciousness without space... this atemporal seamless flow that has no movement or non movement.
You may feel you have glimpsed this edgeless emptiness and feel like you have lost it. But no one has it as there is no you to grasp it, the mind cannot fathom it. There is nothing to have there is no goal to attain. There are no hands that are empty and need to be filled.
Unicity is always the case and looks and feels like anything at all! It need not and cannot be made anew. As it includes everything, and there is no here nor there where else could it possibly be? As there are no separate parts or moments or events or selves, there is no one who can do or not do anything or nothing to see this.
It is always seeing itself! Just as life seems to appear, right now right here, as there is no other, no outside or inside or next. Through the entire spectrum of your beautiful humanness through the fullness of life as it flows, life is aware of itself, aware of being aware, through the infinite display of imaginary separation.
This is not a concept that can be grasped or a philosophy, it is wondrously unthinkable! Trying to understand this sublime emptiness makes it appear that there is a you and a thing called emptiness. But there are no things or non things. Not even things that are composed of emptiness.... every word seems to slice up infinite spaciousness and this is how the dream of separation paints itself... these very words seem to create things and time... and a you who is reading them... and a me who is singing... but this is simply the most scrumptious passion play spinning tales of you and me and we....
Anything said about the dream is the dream
Including this
~~Nancy Neithercut

awakening is not logical it is not a belief or understanding or philosophy.... it cannot be learned or taught or given away... I can try to explain no thing ness... and I will put a link here... but the closest the intellect can get is interconnectedness... as thing less ness is utterly unthinkable... yet... you know this somewhere deeply, and the urge to remember it is the seeking... but as it is already the case it cannot be made anew and cannot be remembered... or forgotten… for many the dissonance of the intuited knowing that there are no things and the belief in separation (which you are) is exceedingly painful, and like many seekers they look to people or teachers who say that they know this and can give it to you or teach it... they will say things like be still etc. but all these instructions will only perpetuate the painful illusion of a separate you with personal volition. there are some who seem to have seen through the illusion of self, but seeing through the belief in all separation is quite rare... it is a profound shift in perspective that occurs in the brain and is not something that happens to you as you are an imaginary character that is why a sage will use ambiguous words and phrases, to catapult the seeker’s mind outside of the usual grooves of assumed knowing
~~also Nancy Neithercut

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Clarification...(Miranda Warren)


This is spoiled by words which try to make it more clear.  We place our

focus on what comes and goes, on appearances, or a backdrop behind, or on 

other words we find in the books, or on retreats, and spontaneously this seems 

nowhere to be found.  The futility of clarifying this...

The Silence of the Land, a Miranda Dreamsong ❤
(reading some reflections from the silent retreat)
"It is this, but not in any of what comes and goes; the appearances are not it, and there is no it behind the appearances. Tears fill my eyes with wonder and it is impossible to even guess that these words flow from any "where" or any "who" or any "when."
~~Miranda Warren

Saturday, April 10, 2021

The scale of everything..


The scale of everything..

There seems to be a scale which is

Not a scale..because of the separation imagine that

Each of us sits on a scale which presents

A line  running from not-two

To two (multiplicity)..again the scale

Is an illusory this-and-that..yet it seems

There are those who are wearing 

Glasses of multiplicity and those who

Have seemingly removed these glasses

Or are using a weaker prescription..

No right or wrong way to be..sporty 

Glasses may be becoming..! but this 

Simple imaginary thing..may

Be informative..maybe not...

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Illusions..(Nancy Neithercut)


it is very painful and exhausting to constantly create maintain and defend an illusion...
but it is all illusion...
even seeing through the illusion
is illusion
~~Nancy Neithercut

.and suddenly....or over time....we realize that there is no special way to be.... no special thoughts to have.... no special emotions... ......and we bask in the sun of utter rest.... nothing needing to be done..., was simply a misperception.... ...and late afternoon sun streams through the windows ....reflecting on random motes of dust that dance and swirl in un-traceable patterns..... .....and when life is realized to be ungraspable .... nameless....... there is utter relaxation in enjoying the dance..... there is no where to go Nothing to get ......and no longer is it felt that there is any separation between others or 'things'.... ... there is no longer the need to find. To define... it's like if I move here, everything dances with me... I move my hand in the sunlight and it is space and hand and light all moving together...... it never feels like there is someone doing anything there are no things nothing needed to be pinpointed... or caught... effortlessly happening.... ....and just as the sun cannot choose to shine or not.....or the moon reflect its light.... or our eyes to see ....we cannot choose our likes and dislikes....... or with whom we fall in love... it is seamless streaming... a dance.....without time nor non time ......utterly spontaneous.....
~~Nancy Neithercut

Monday, April 5, 2021

Sensing oneness..


Chapter 1..

There seems a sense of oneness

Arising in intuition that

Nothing need be done to sense this is all..and you and I are 

Rendered as not you and I..but it..

Along with every other thing..

Chapter 2..

Yet..when things get tense oneness 

Seems to depart..hiding under  rocks 

And trees and automobiles..twoness..

With calm returning oneness seems as

Reclaiming everything..a convenient

Grand story arising...

Our stories..(Tim Cliss)


Sunday, April 4, 2021




liberation is celebrated on this day

with a report that a life did not end

a report which has been proclaimed

as a belief for entry into the community

of believers whose lives will not end..

this is our heritage offering hope and

a joyous day and lingering on other 

days awaiting a spontaneous expression

of resurrected liberation...

Senses shouting..(Tony Parsons)

How do the senses relate to "being?" The senses may seem to 
be objects residing in a subject/object world, but perhaps there 
is a unicity present, in that, senses and sensing might seem as 
one, or being. The mind will picture things like eyes or noses 
which pull into the separation cage of belief and illusion. But, 
backing off from all these floating thoughts, with their nagging 
dissatisfactions, it might dawn that being appears as senses 
and sensing, as eyes and noses..and any illusory separation
from being is blatantly exposed...

There is only one constant – being. It never leaves. It doesn’t come and it doesn’t go away. And we rush around looking for it. “Where is it??” You can’t do being. Is anybody doing breathing? Is anybody doing sitting in a chair? You can’t achieve being. *Being is all there is and it speaks through the senses*.
The senses are shouting at you “Look, here I am already”. Five senses, the feelings and thinking are all beingness simply being, and seekers are looking for that which is, which is absolutely shouting at the seeker and yet, cannot be known.
~~Tony Parsons

Play of Life..(Nathan Gill)


The Play of Life
Seen in clarity, life appears as a great play. You—Consciousness—play all the roles and it is part of the play thatYou usually play the roles without knowing Your real identity. But sometimes, as part of the show, there is recognition of Your true nature. When there is involvement as a character in the play without recognition of Your true nature the role is taken seriously and all the dramas of life seemingly appear from this. If a role is played where there is recognition of Your true nature, the play is seen for what it is. When Your true nature becomes obvious, the character doesn’t disappear in a flash of light, nor put on ochre robes and have disciples, nor teach ‘spiritual’ truths—although any of these is possible, depending on the pattern of the character’s role in the play. The character will likely appear as he or she did before recognition. The character is likely to continue to lead what is an ordinary life in the play. It is not even necessarily so that the character tells anyone or communicates what is now obvious. The whole play has no purpose or point beyond present appearance. It is Your cosmic entertainment. You are Your play. 
It has no existence separate from You.
Nathan Gill~

Friday, April 2, 2021

What is...(Jim Newman)


Q: Jim, what is the meaning of life?
Jim Newman: There is no meaning and no need for a meaning of life. Everything is already what it is, which is already needlessly, free and fulfilled.
“Life” is not separate from what is. Without separation, there is no space or distance in which the need for a meaning of life could arise.
There is only what is. “What is” is not objective or subjective, it is not conceptual, knowable or understandable. “What is” is indivisible, all encompassing, everything without position or perspective, no inside, no outside, not two, not separate, non dual.
What is – undifferentiated everything – can appear as something, a perspective, an apparent position. A position can be experienced, making the appearance seem personal. As a personal experience, life appears to be an object or “a something” requiring meaning. However, the person is illusory and has no reality outside of its experience of itself. The search for meaning is a need that arises out of that experience, which is the experience of separation, the experience that “what is” is real and personal.
The question or search for a meaning of life comes from the longing for wholeness, absolute freedom, which is unknowingly a longing for dissolution, an end to the person. The personal experience inevitably seeks for an answer to the question of “what is my life about?”. For the person there is no answer because this, what is, is not about anything. And it does not need to be about anything. The only solution for the person is the end of the person.
The person cannot go beyond the illusory nature of itself and cannot help being an effect of itself: a seeker. Its search is for love, for more or better experiences. It experiences itself on a path to find what it hopes will resolve its diss-ease of need. The path is seeking. Seeking can be the search for money, power, more… Because the search does not and can not address the cause of need, it can only lead to more seeking. The premise for seeking – that something intrinsically is wrong or missing – is illusory. Consequentially all of its efforts are hopelessly limited to that false premise.
The person is trying to overcome this diss-ease of the need for experience through more experience.
The effort exerted by the person can never lead to the fulfillment it seeks, the unlimited all inclusiveness of the unknowable “what is”. What is longed for is beyond personal seeking, by being “what is” already. “What is” is not an objective reality, is not knowable. “What is” is emptiness being everything as it is. Everything being what it is, is already complete, already absolutely free, without any need of meaning.
Jim: I was never able to believe the answers, offered by canned religion or spirituality to the meaning of life, while growing up. A seeking was engendered that ended without finding any answers to the questions. It ended with the end of the questioner. The revelation: there is no need to seek what is already complete."

Thursday, April 1, 2021



"You can never understand the tremendous peace that is always there within you, that is your natural state. Your trying to create a peaceful state of mind is in fact creating disturbance within you. You can only talk of peace, create a state of mind and say to yourself that you are very peaceful -- but that is not peace; that is violence. So there is no use in practicing peace, there is no reason to practice silence. Real silence is explosive; it is not the dead state of mind that spiritual seekers think. "Oh, I am at peace with myself! There is silence, a tremendous silence! I experience silence!" -- that doesn't mean anything at all. *This is volcanic in its nature: it's bubbling all the time -- the energy, the life -- that is its quality. You may ask how I know. I don't know. Life is aware of itself, if we can put it that way -- it is conscious of itself.* "

~~UG Krishnamurti