Saturday, April 24, 2021

Mesmerization...(Nathan Gill)


While the story of individuality is happening, purpose will usually seem significant; there’s a sense of a ‘me’ going somewhere. That’s the play of life. The idea that there’s no time never makes any sense to "me."   Time is mesmerisation with the story in thought such that it appears significant, whereupon thoughts of past or future—which are actually only presently appearing ideas—are taken to be real. The only reality ‘past’ and ‘future’ have is in fact as ideas.

~~Nathan Gill



with the stories we tell.  Accumulated stories.  Which seem to be 

what we are all about. Some are unpleasant, others not.  Knowing 

"stories-as-stories" glides past as failing to add to our settled 

understanding.  Stories grab our freedom.  Even the pleasant ones

nostalgically shackle our days.   Characters with stories..and 

quiet longing.  Longing for stories-as-stories to give us pause, as

no one.. Simply that...

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