Thursday, April 29, 2021

Worded world. (Nancy Neithercut)

 The worded world of separate things and events, of time dimension and all measurement, all this and that is the shared dream of objectified separation. This consensus conceptual overlay consists of flowing description and is mistaken by most for reality. As conceptual beings we can only ‘know’ this conceptual world. But all description all words are defined by other words, and create or paint this world of this and that, and are not inherent to the physical world. If our brains were different we would have a different description of the world, a different reality.

It is the height of ego grandiosity to believe that when you die, the universe disappears. That is why we call it the shared dream of separation, the only world we exist in, the only world we know.
Only through us does measurement enter the universe, only though us do love and beauty enter the world. We are the light of the world, the pinnacle of evolution where there is an awareness of aliveness and of awareness through this imaginary separation.
The knowing that and feeling that all separation is made up, that all things are mentally fabricated is the shift in perspective of which I sing. It is simply beyond belief or imagination or understanding. It is a sublime emptiness and an amazement that anything seems to appear at all. It is like the first and last kiss… always…
As this unicity is always on, it cannot and need not be brought about anew.
It is merely recognized or not.
~~Nancy Neithercut on FB..

I love this post that I saved from Nancy's writings and wanted to share! She includes thoughts like these in her beautiful books (available on Amazon). 😉 Eve Reece Nancy has 'shifted' into another way of being -"awakening" would be a mild term for her realization, words are inadequate! "There is a generalized compassion and uncontrived unconditional love that arises When it is seen That we are clearly Without a doubt Each other And love can look like a lions roar or a butterfly kiss Some are not fond of what I say There is no god no true self no source no timeless awareness or pure consciousness there is no method or path that leads to awakening no one awakens no one has ever awakened in the history of mankind 'Awakening' doesn't make you a saint or a selfless doormat It has nothing to do with feeling better or becoming a better person You do not become a rainbow light body Thoughts do not stop Feeling deeply does not end However it becomes impersonal There is nothing solid or stable or fixed there would have to be separate things in order to have movement or nonmovement and there are no things There is no escaping this dream of separation that you are there is no outside to the dream as outside and inside are all dream stuff just like all this and that This is it coyote this is your life whatever it looks or feels like and it's not even yours" ❤

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