Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ramana musings..(Wouter van Oord)

 Conscious Immortality.

According to Ramana the essential 'YOU' is 'The real SELF'.
Ramana says: "When you hold on to the I-thought, all other thoughts will vanish, leaving the SELF.
The SELF is not found in external objects.
Turn your gaze around and plunge within. YOU will be The SELF!
The SELF is free from all qualities.
The real SELF is eternal.
The fals self is born and dies.
It is impermanent."
This is Ramana's vision in a nutshell.
When asked:" How can I reach the SELF?"
Ramana answers:" There is no reaching the SELF. 'YOU' are the SELF! You are already That! I-AM. "
Ramana say this can be realized by practicing Jnana-Vichara i.e Self-Inquiry.
It's clear that the 'You' that is doing Vichara is the SELF.
There is no other.
What Ramana teaches is: You have to find yourself Awake as the SELF! Inevitably You are That! It's as simple as that!
The only thing You must NOT do is to confuse The SELF with the self. You have to crush the false! To crush Avidya (ignorance of one's true nature).
It all sounds like it's no big deal.
A piece of cake!
But in fact it is like trying not to think of a pink elephant!
Instead of handing the seeker a key to liberation, Ramana hypnotized them into the belief that something needs to be removed first. To erase the Ego!
Up to this very day hundreds of Millions of seekers are trying to localize the Ego in order to crush it. It's like trying to catch the wind in a box. You will inevitably fail and be left in despair.
This method is totally futile.
Despite this, an army of gurus keep selling this crap for good money to a gullible herd of seekers. Whom in return keep believing they are on the right track towards the parsley field or to the end of the rainbow.
At the end of the day they will all be worn out and be discouraged
and find themselves where they always already are. Nowhere to be found and mortal unconscious.
Wouter van Oord.

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