Sunday, February 27, 2022

Neither dream nor not dream..


amazing this magic show, neither dream nor not dream, ...beyond understanding or the need to know why, the morning yawns and slides through the window... where is inside, where is outside, where is the horizon that separates you from tomorrow?
where is the space between you and this kiss of light, between you and the listening, here are the first birds cascading through the garden, the touch the feel of these smooth keys of the computer, the feeling of hot and wet in your mouth, morning tea, and the steam, rising, looping and curling and dissolving? are you separate from the memory or moon or the night dreams that are fading, now, into the dream of day?
your heart bleeds its rhythm into the day, the morning catches its breath or is it your blood rushing through the window painting the dawn?
~~Nancy Neithercut

it is apparent always that there are no things, does that make a difference in this imaginary dancer's life? well, yes, indeed as the thought stream changes considerably when there is no belief in other better more or next. there is simply no hope or fear or need of that imaginary next. 
the thought stream does not go away but it does seem to change. 
along with the palpable physical and psychological relaxation, there is the absence of the constant self judgement and self correction thoughts, the constant shoulda woulda coulda.  
and it feels like all encompassing love, living beautifully between love and nothing at al, between the fullness and emptiness. somehow I seem to fall in love with everyone I see. I weep a lot at the utter beauty of all and everything. 
~~Nancy Neithercut

Monday, February 21, 2022

Ubiquitous Dreams...

Ubiquitous Dreams

The dream seems
Solid and moving
With many boundaries
Many depths
Many interconnections..
No escape from the dream
So it is dreamed..
Everything solid and
Nighttime and daytime..
Yet a dream of 
No-thing appearing
Is another dream  
Feeling not-knowing 
Empty.. seeming

This web of time, the
strands of which approach
one another, bifurcate,
intersect or ignore each
other through the centuries,
embraces every possibility. 
We do not exist in most of them.
In some you exist and not I, 
while in others I do,
and you do not"

Jorge Luis Borges (1899 - 1986)

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Amazon review...for Nancy N...

Nancy is an unusual poet.  It could be said that her poetry is 

a reflection of what is called "non duality." However, she is 

not bound to the same wordings and processes found in 

modern non-duality, and prefers the sense of love as the thread 

of all life.  In "Just This Love" she writes: "this is a dance 

without dancers... love without lovers... this infinite intimacy, 

obviously without separation, without parts, without 

being a thing called wholeness or one ness or any thing' at 

all..."  It might be said that simply absorbing her poetry, 

without reference to ideas and constructs, will provide a 

possibility of resonance with her message of love..which is 

really the wishful goal of all searching.  Nancy often refers 

to a felt loss of solidity, separation, and boundaries..resulting 

in a simultaneity and immediacy..and inviting participation 

by the reader in a fleeting dance of what is passing,  

as love and life express themselves.  Very simple and 

rewarding, but seemingly difficult for some, apparently 

because of resistances  of the logical mind. "Just this Love" 

is Nancy's 10th book of poetry,  and by some accounts,  

her best yet!  Perhaps "you" have made a Wonderful discovery 

just now..!!

"the magic is the unknowing

this undeniable wondrousness is the not knowing what 

beauty is... and the love..."

Customer Review

Friday, February 18, 2022

The Mayfly...Jenny Ann Wiltshire...


Exploding Rainbows

Jenny Ann Wiltshire  · February 15 at 1:15 PM  · 

This is from my book (The Book of the Sun), and was written within the dream, about the dream.   

The Mayfly

We all know about mayflies; they live for a day.  This is true, they do have a nymph stage, in the water for a year.  Then, like their cousins the dragonflies, they crawl up a stem, and  burst into flight, soar through the air.  Unlike dragonflies, they have no mouth parts.  All they have to do is to find a mate, lay their eggs and die.  

So, one day only in the world we share with them.  They don’t know about our lives, what is beyond the field they live in.  They probably have no idea of history, or of the stars or the oceans.  Their knowledge and life is bounded by one day in a garden or field, being driven to mate by evolutionary force, laying their eggs, dying.  

In relation to what goes on in the universe, what the Sun knows, we are like a mayfly.  We know our field (this planet) to some extent, but because of the limitations of our bodies and senses, even that knowledge is fairly sketchy.  And what goes on in the universes is as beyond our thought and knowledge as the London Underground is beyond the knowledge of a mayfly.  I cannot imagine this, try as I do.  This is our reality, however.  Because of our limitations, we see the Sun only as a burning ball of fire, we see all the stars like that.  The Mayfly sees the flowers, may even wonder what a tree is, but cannot begin to imagine what a star is.  It may not live long enough to experience the dark, see the stars come out, or the moon.  It will not know the dawn.  We cannot even begin to imagine what else is out there; we don’t live long enough, our senses are blunted, we’ve barely crawled out of the swamp.  Mating is an issue for us, too.  (Isn’t it just?!) To other beings, the vast group minds of the stars, the galaxies and universes, we may look as if we just mate, have young and die because our lives are so brief, so instantaneous compared with their own.  Perhaps they remember what it was like, for they would all have been through third density too, far back in their existence, perhaps that’s why compassion seems to be threaded through the holographic fabric of reality.      

This is our place.  We do what we can, but have no very clear idea what goes on in the depths of our oceans.  We don’t know why elephants care for the bones of their dead relatives.  We don’t know how savants are made, those who seem to know extraordinary information without being taught.  We don’t really know what goes on in anyone else’s mind.  Our small scraps of knowledge tell us that being kind to each other tends to make us happy, that love matters, and those are the things that connect us with the bigger picture.  Killing each other, hurting, wounding, keeps us securely locked in our world of blame and recrimination, will keep us tethered here, going round and round until we learn how to become free.  And then the universe will open up to us, the veil will lift and we will know at last who we are.  One with the Sun, with the Galaxy and the Universe.  This strangely beautiful and terrible dream of existence here on Earth will have furnished us with enough love, forgiveness and compassion to fit us for the next stage.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

A best self...

 "Each of us has an eternal self—a best self—an “I” that goes beyond what we normally see. This is what allows us to contact the 'living centers' in ourselves, in others, and in spaces that come alive for us. This field of centers, that appears in things, people, events, places shows us our interconnectedness…and can be called God or Spirit manifest. Everything we do and make, then, is a gift to IT. Good things grow and unfold out of our understood wholeness."

Christopher Alexander (1936 - )
The Nature of Order: Luminous Ground

Wholeness is storied

To birth and unfold..

Yet I remain

In my centered tower

Surveying that wholeness..

I even transcend

In awe of it all..

As that clinging "I"

Avoids the horror...

We might react to the expressions of "I" and "living centers."  And, there does not appear to be a recognition that these are thoughts and stories, which are basically empty, real and not real, dream thoughts.  Yet, there is a feeling of value in what is said, however seemingly limited by the chosen words.  Much writing might be characterized in this way..perhaps leaving to the reader the option to peer through the words...

Friday, February 11, 2022



The simplicity of "this" defies explanation. Yet, imagination 

bursts forth explaining and interpreting. Poetic or scientific, 

all attempts seem as stories of dissatisfaction.  Dissatisfaction

with naive simplicity..with "this." This is tossed around in the 

cage of separation, as yet another failing word, in capturing 

what must and will be satisfying. The loop is thus complete..

beautiful words and attempts take their place of perfection 

as also This...

(Thanks to Miranda Warren for her "Nonduality Nugget" below!)

Nonduality Nuggets…

Quote of the Imaginary Moment by Noah Won
You can make it sound complicated, like some philosophical treatise, or you can get all mystical and make it about some rare knowledge or else say it’s nothing, you’re not there, and sound a bit obscure, or you can take a scientific approach, and I guess Nisargadatta supposedly said to talk in the language that will make the most sense to your listeners, though I don’t see a lot of that.
But really, it’s just talking about what is, what appears, if you strip away the usual mental filters that interpret life. When they say “it’s just this,” problematic as some may say that is, because you can always go "and what is ‘this’?" and yeah, there is no ‘this,’ but that’s as good a pointer as you’ll get. If you listen to anyone talking about this, and you remove all the lingo and buzzwords, all they’re saying is that life as it appears is all there is, no additives needed.
That’s about it, but maybe that’s too simple to keep the audience in the seats. So let’s break for lunch and I’ll tell you all about how this is nothing being everything using the latest findings in quantum mechanics, referencing sages old and new, and drawing upon the collected works of Dr. Suess.
---Noah Won, transcribed by Lucille S.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Heart and mind...

No-thing appearing..


Is This..

With your mind know ten thousand things but with your heart feel everything is an expression of one formless being.

— Rupert Spira

Monday, February 7, 2022

No you...??

There literally is nothing to get in and from this so called nondual perspective, actually it is not a perspective at all. This, what there is, no matter how it appears, just cannot be any different as it is. There is not some special or clear way of seeing or understanding, it's all inclusive. What there is is appearing as your thoughts, feelings and sense perceptions, as your interpretation, your story of what there is. It is a nonsense to say that the story is not yours, that there is no you, that there is just what (apparently) happens, for that would be just another story of you, rearranged in a no you story. You are essential for the story of what happens, though you are not creating, imagining it, but are imagined and as such lives it. You are as real as is what happens, as is the story and there is nothing but stories to be known. And it would be also a nonsense to say that your story is an illusion, for there isn't some reality out there, outside of your story, for you to know it. There is no reality and no illusion except in your story and you cannot possibly know anything but your story, for it is the only place you can exist in. The outside, the objective reality, exists only as thoughts, ideas, in your story as do the liberation, awakening, pure awareness, cosmic consciousness, the ground of being, the beyond, the absolute, god or anything you think of, feel or imagine to perceive. What of course also includes all the so called material things and beings, as well as you, your story and this particular story of your story. It is a closed loop, a pattern, unraveling itself as this story of you, as what (apparently) happens, as this.

~~Alex Us. (FB)

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Message so simple...Miranda Warren


This message is so simple and useless and beautiful and ordinary. It is what seems impossible to learn and impossible to not see; it is as obvious as perception arising and irreducible to concepts and beliefs.
It is only ever what is happening, and there is nothing else that humans speak of that points only to what already is, and yet it is often imagined that there is some hidden secret teaching that will enable someone to find what they already are.
This is like asking someone a question and having them smile and point back to you. You are astonished, then they simply point to everything you seem to see, and then they walk away. That’s it. This is it. There is nothing to find, nothing to learn, no path to some higher or better or more exalted state.
And perhaps that is why some people are drawn to this message in the first place. There is a recognition that finally someone is not giving them a fairy tale of what is missing and lacking, but expressing what only ever is; this, life, love, for no separate person, just as it is. 
~~Miranda Warren

Rupert's path...


See thoughts and feelings like a train that enters a station and then leaves; be like the station, not like a passenger.

— Rupert Spira

I followed Rupert for a long while. Attended one retreat, but on Zoom. He calls his teaching the direct path. His direct path may be shorter compared to others, but there seems to be a definite process, and phases involved. He speaks rather disparaging sometimes about the so-called neo-advaita immediacy (the real direct path?). The "neo way" is not compromising. Rupert's path is claimed to be compromising, and contains what he calls a "compassionate concession" to the student lodged in separation. I find nothing really wrong with such an approach, but feel that the end of his process should produce a resonance with an immediate falling away of separation, and I am not sure that, for most students, that it really happens. Some (Colin Drake, for example) say that the (Nothing/everything) immediacy resonance is the last phase of the several phases making up a necessary process...and that the resonance cannot be attained without the earlier practices and realizations. I am doubtful of that position. However...all of these words are stories which, importantly, should be recognized as stories, and which may, or may not, produce an unpredictable resonance, which dissolves separation and the persistent belief in the individual person...

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Not separate...

 "...consciousness is not only primary but it is all that there is, that the appearance of ourselves and of the world we live in is consciousness appearing as everything. The waves and the foam are not separate from the ocean that gives rise to them and we are not separate from the light of consciousness in which we and everything else arise. Even though this may not be understood by the mind, it may be seen in liberation. Then it may be known that there is no self and that “Everything that comes from birth undoes itself in liberation.”

 Richard Sylvester~

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Dying now...David Carse..


David Carse’s book - “Perfect Brilliant Stillness” is an interesting read, highly recommended!

(Eve Reece)

“The ego, and the death it has convinced you is your greatest fear, is only a tired tape recording in an empty room –“

“It is only when 'this - 'this so-called 'reality' is completely understood to be dreamlike illusion that what is 'not-this will, at the same time, be seen to be What Is.

Void, then, is not your enemy, but your true Self; and it is the function of the nonexistent. false sense of individual self to hide this from you. The fear and avoidance is seen to be misplaced; in fact it is now impossible; it disappears, and the heart turns from the illusion of 'this' and opens to What Is. Knowing that its true glory lies where it ceases to exist.

There is much to be said for dying now and not waiting until the body dies; things might be a little 'rushed' then, and one might find it hard to concentrate. Now, in the midst of what you take to be your life, there can be, if needed, a 'positive' practice of building up and strengthening the sense of individual self until it is strong enough to undergo the 'negative’ process of realizing that it is a sham, unreal after all, never did exist; and then perhaps it can be' let go, let die, let fall away'.

Then there can be a liberation from that ego that haunted and plagued us all our lives with fears of its own demise, for it turns out not to be anything real, nothing even to struggle against or try to defeat. The ego, and the death it has convinced you is your greatest fear, is only a tired tape recording in an empty room, which from outside you thought was a powerful and fearful enemy; but now the plug is pulled and the voice slurs to a stop.

This is what it is to 'die before you die;' to step through the gateless gate into Void, and to walk the universe alone.”