Wednesday, February 16, 2022

A best self...

 "Each of us has an eternal self—a best self—an “I” that goes beyond what we normally see. This is what allows us to contact the 'living centers' in ourselves, in others, and in spaces that come alive for us. This field of centers, that appears in things, people, events, places shows us our interconnectedness…and can be called God or Spirit manifest. Everything we do and make, then, is a gift to IT. Good things grow and unfold out of our understood wholeness."

Christopher Alexander (1936 - )
The Nature of Order: Luminous Ground

Wholeness is storied

To birth and unfold..

Yet I remain

In my centered tower

Surveying that wholeness..

I even transcend

In awe of it all..

As that clinging "I"

Avoids the horror...

We might react to the expressions of "I" and "living centers."  And, there does not appear to be a recognition that these are thoughts and stories, which are basically empty, real and not real, dream thoughts.  Yet, there is a feeling of value in what is said, however seemingly limited by the chosen words.  Much writing might be characterized in this way..perhaps leaving to the reader the option to peer through the words...

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