Monday, February 7, 2022

No you...??

There literally is nothing to get in and from this so called nondual perspective, actually it is not a perspective at all. This, what there is, no matter how it appears, just cannot be any different as it is. There is not some special or clear way of seeing or understanding, it's all inclusive. What there is is appearing as your thoughts, feelings and sense perceptions, as your interpretation, your story of what there is. It is a nonsense to say that the story is not yours, that there is no you, that there is just what (apparently) happens, for that would be just another story of you, rearranged in a no you story. You are essential for the story of what happens, though you are not creating, imagining it, but are imagined and as such lives it. You are as real as is what happens, as is the story and there is nothing but stories to be known. And it would be also a nonsense to say that your story is an illusion, for there isn't some reality out there, outside of your story, for you to know it. There is no reality and no illusion except in your story and you cannot possibly know anything but your story, for it is the only place you can exist in. The outside, the objective reality, exists only as thoughts, ideas, in your story as do the liberation, awakening, pure awareness, cosmic consciousness, the ground of being, the beyond, the absolute, god or anything you think of, feel or imagine to perceive. What of course also includes all the so called material things and beings, as well as you, your story and this particular story of your story. It is a closed loop, a pattern, unraveling itself as this story of you, as what (apparently) happens, as this.

~~Alex Us. (FB)

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