Wednesday, July 28, 2021

all map..(Nancy Neithercut)


life is as

'real' as it 'seems'

what is real what is unreal? these are concepts to denote how 'solid' thought feels. belief in thought makes the dream thought paints feel real. awakening is the end of belief in thought, the end of belief in belief
the end of the feeling of separation, of separate things divided by space and events divided by time
there is no territory, it’s all map
~~Nancy Neithercut

enlightenment is the dream of knowing you are a dreamt character in a dream of separate things and events, that all time, dimension, causality, all qualities and characteristics, all distinction, all division, all measurement, as well as ideas like 'wholeness' or ‘oneness’ or ‘enlightenment’ are made up. there is no convincing you of this, as it does not happen to you, an imaginary persona in this dream of separation. this is not a belief or understanding or a philosophy, it is a profound shift in perspective that does not happen to you or me…. there are no ‘enlightened’ people there are no things divided by space nor events strung along a timeline there is only what seems to appear, looking and feeling like anything at all self arising and simultaneously self erasing without time or timelessness without movement or non movement there is no other takes yer breath away, don’t it?
~~Nancy Neithercut

Thursday, July 22, 2021

trying to lasso the clouds or sky..(Nancy Neithercut)

 there is simply no feeling that 'LIFE SHOULDN'T BE LIKE THIS!', or trying to lasso the clouds or sky or thought or feeling...

or capture this dream that sings itself as there is no feeling of separation from this magical aliveness
there is no worry at all, but there may be concern,
as all hope and fear of a never arising next is gone
(and there is never boredom)
weeping heart wrenching sobs and feeling the utter beauty and awe... the gob-smacking magic of life looking and feeling like anything at all... that there are no things no selves, no next, no other,
.... no love...
and yet it all feels, somehow like love... like awe.... like
nothing at all….
such bittersweet beauty of life and death and love and
all that seems to sweep through this passion play
last breath of midnight dissolves the moon and her reflection
….and where is love when it is all love

~~Nancy Neithercut

This is Toni Packer—a chapter called “Yearning for Completion” in her book THE LIGHT OF DISCOVERY: When the sense of “me” is present with its deep feelings of insufficiency and incompleteness, with its endless searching for perfection and security, we can’t see freely. There is always that feeling of incompleteness as I think about myself. The thought of “me” is of necessity incomplete. Any thought is incomplete. There is no complete thought. Thought comes from fragmented memories that can never ever capture the aliveness of this moment. No matter how much I think about myself, what I am, how I am, what I should be—it’s never the whole live thing, because I am immeasurably more than the fragmented thoughts and pictures and feelings about myself. Thought and feeling cannot be complete. The completeness of life cannot be captured in thought or feeling. Thought is trying to do it all the time, but it can’t. We live in thoughts and feelings, alone and with others who are conditioned in the same way. From the thought-feeling of incompleteness arises wanting and fearing. Wanting completion and fearing the absence of it. Wanting fulfillment, meaning, and purpose. Wanting and fearing. In observing carefully, one finds that not a moment goes by without some wanting or fearing. Even if there is a moment of fulfillment, there comes the desire for more of it or the fear that this moment will end. One wants to keep it, wants to prolong it. All of it comes out of this feeling of incompleteness, which inevitably goes with the idea of “me” as a separate entity. And then there is the trying. Trying to become complete. Trying to become complete through thought: the spiritual paths, the exercises, the imposed practices, whether self-imposed or imposed by a discipline that one takes up, trying to become complete through time. It is all thought. Do we see that? Both the incompleteness we suffer from and the completeness we strive toward are thoughts and images. It is all an escape from what is actually happening right now, this very instant—simple all-encompassing presence without lack, unthinkable, vast, indivisible. --Toni Packer, from The Light of Discovery

This is from FB entry by Joan Tollefson...

Saturday, July 17, 2021




"Not this..Not this"

That old-timey formula to find 

One's true self..then updated:

Not nothing..not everything

A viral communique..then

This news flash:


All of these "Nots" left the self

Bruised but resilient..still standing.. 


This obscure notice could always be

Found buried in the Obituaries:

The self inquires..the self is inquiry

Freedom is already as inquiry dies..


Friday, July 16, 2021

Meaning of Life..Jim Newman


*Q: ** Jim, what is the meaning of life?

Jim Newman: There is no meaning and no need for a meaning of life. Everything is already what it is, which is already needlessly, free and fulfilled.
“Life” is not separate from what is. Without separation, there is no space or distance in which the need for a meaning of life could arise.
There is only what is. “What is” is not objective or subjective, it is not conceptual, knowable or understandable. “What is” is indivisible, all encompassing, everything without position or perspective, no inside, no outside, not two, not separate, non dual.
What is – undifferentiated everything – can appear as something, a perspective, an apparent position. A position can be experienced, making the appearance seem personal. **As a personal experience, life appears to be an object or “a something” requiring meaning. **However, the person is illusory and has no reality outside of its experience of itself. The search for meaning is a need that arises out of that experience, which is the experience of separation, the experience that “what is” is real and personal.
The question or search for a meaning of life comes from the longing for wholeness, absolute freedom, which is unknowingly a longing for dissolution, an end to the person. The personal experience inevitably seeks for an answer to the question of “what is my life about?”. **For the person there is no answer because this, what is, is not about anything. **And it does not need to be about anything. The only solution for the person is the end of the person.
The person cannot go beyond the illusory nature of itself and cannot help being an effect of itself: a seeker. Its search is for love, for more or better experiences. It experiences itself on a path to find what it hopes will resolve its dis-ease of need. The path is seeking. Seeking can be the search for money, power, more… Because the search does not and can not address the cause of need, it can only lead to more seeking. The premise for seeking – that something intrinsically is wrong or missing – is illusory. Consequentially all of its efforts are hopelessly limited to that false premise.
The person is trying to overcome this dis-ease of the need for experience through more experience.
The effort exerted by the person can never lead to the fulfillment it seeks, the unlimited all inclusiveness of the unknowable “what is”. What is longed for is beyond personal seeking, by being “what is” already. “What is” is not an objective reality, is not knowable. “What is” is emptiness being everything as it is. Everything being what it is, is already complete, already absolutely free, without any need of meaning.
***~Jim Newman - I was never able to believe the answers, offered by canned religion or spirituality to the meaning of life, while growing up. A seeking was engendered that ended without finding any answers to the questions. It ended with the end of the questioner. The revelation: there is no need to seek what is already complete."

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Story of fractals..


Story of fractals..

These fetching images
Are messages of similarity and
Similarity is noticed by a
Mind searching for unity..
A single snapshot
Freezes the motion of 
Never-ending iteration
Of similarity..
Similarity is not a's
Without boundaries and edges
Appearing as no-thing..
This is the mind-story of
Fractals..a story appearing
As nature and  desktop...

Friday, July 2, 2021



We already live

All of us

In what appears as

A polarity of

Nothing and everything..

While some ignore nothing

Others ignore everything..

Freedom arises with the

Death of polarities

Leaving This..

What is This..?

Nothing appearing as everything...