Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Impossible freedom already blooming...


No separation

Means simply

And radically

No separation..

No other..

No distance between

Seeming things

Whatever the things..

There is no

Understanding of this

Impossible freedom

Already blooming...

Monday, May 29, 2023

Here it is Already..!


There is no no-one

To be the subject

For what is arising..

There is no arising

To be the object

For the no-one 

Who is not..


Here it is already..!  💥

Amazing absence...


Words arise

With resonance

And frustration..

An arising 

Bout of laughter

May erase words

Revealing their

Amazing absence....

Sunday, May 28, 2023

No meanings..


No meanings

Whatever words..

Meanings claim


There is none..

Yet..there appears the

Search for meaning

And claims of finding

Which are Wonders

Of no-separation...

Sameness and difference..


Sameness and difference

Are the same..

Sameness expresses 

As does difference..

The amazing expressions

Of nothing at all..

Memorial Day...


Memorial Day

A story of

Remembering those

Who have passed

But remain 

In story which

Is the same  

Now as then...

Saturday, May 27, 2023




The prerequisite 

In the search is

Said to be alone..


Together is found

To also be alone...

“A man can be himself only so long as he is alone; and if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom; for it is only when he is alone that he is really free.”
― Arthur Schopenhauer, Essays and Aphorisms

"I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity."
Albert Einstein




Are appearances

With simultaneous

Resonance..or not..

If not..that is another


Friday, May 26, 2023



Are stories of
Fading to nothing
Or..filling to fullness..
Details are few or many
Telling themselves 
As simple stories...

Road to nowhere... (Henry Miller)


Road to nowhere..

There is no road

Nowhere is already


But appearances abound

Appearances of seekers

Pilgrims and travelers

On a road or not...

(Perhaps a variation of Henry Miller's thought..)

I have a theory that the moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself. I have tried this experiment a thousand times and I have never been disappointed. The more I look at a thing, the more I see in it, and the more I see in it, the more I want to see. It is like peeling an onion. There is always another layer, and another, and another. And each layer is more beautiful than the last.

This is the way I look at the world. I don't see it as a collection of objects, but as a vast and mysterious organism. I see the beauty in the smallest things, and I find wonder in the most ordinary events. I am always looking for the hidden meaning, the secret message. I am always trying to understand the mystery of life.

I know that I will never understand everything, but that doesn't stop me from trying. I am content to live in the mystery, to be surrounded by the unknown. I am content to be a seeker, a pilgrim, a traveler on the road to nowhere. ~Henry Miller

(Book: Black Spring

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Anything to add..??



Is already



Is already


No becoming..??


Rad non-duality

(The kind in which

A person never was)..


No becoming..

Becoming is the

Dream of separation unfindable


Paradoxical laughter...


A well honed

Paradox may

Result in laughter

Clearing the deck

Of all  


And questions...

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Stories have chasms of separation..


Story and context

Result in story

Intertwined in

Story..and inviting


Seemingly not ending..

But all stories have 

Chasms of separation..

Emptiness in hiding

Or not...

Nothing already everything..


Nothing..already everything..

No becoming at all

Nothing appearing

Everything is nothing..

Nothing but nothing..





The thinking kind

The perceiving kind

Are all wrapped up

As I and I am..

It is the dream

With no dreamer

And no dream

Just the Wow of


Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Who's speaking..?


Who's speaking..?

The speaker's words

Are already laid out..

But the speaker

Takes ownership

Of the words

Not noticing..


Explanation of what seems happening..


There can be

Explanation of

What seems happening..

Which is already

What seems happening..

That's the freedom...



You'll never be good enough because what we're talking about has nothing to do with you. This comes out of compassion; but that doesn't mean there's somebody here who's compassionate. It's that anytime you throw anything at this, it will go on destroying it. And that is compassion.

-Tony Parsons

There can be an openness to the fact that every little thing that's happening is the Beloved. Everything that's happening... right now... is the Beloved.
-Tony Parsons

Monday, May 22, 2023

The "Already" word..with news of No-choice...



"Already" word


Separation's choices

Leaving This


A one-word

Story with

News of no-choice...

Neuroscience experiment on freedom of choice?   (Bard)

There have been a number of neuroscience experiments that have been conducted to investigate the nature of free will. One of the most famous experiments was conducted by Benjamin Libet in the 1980s. In this experiment, Libet asked participants to focus on a clock and to note the time when they became aware of the intention to move their wrist. He then measured the participants' brain activity using electroencephalography (EEG). Libet found that there was a brief increase in electrical activity in the brain, called the readiness potential, that occurred about 500 milliseconds before the participants reported becoming aware of the intention to move. This suggests that the brain may be making decisions about our actions before we are consciously aware of them.

Other experiments have found similar results. For example, one study found that participants' brain activity could predict their choices up to 10 seconds in advance. These findings have led some scientists to conclude that free will is an illusion and that our choices are predetermined by our brains.

However, other scientists argue that these findings do not necessarily mean that free will does not exist. They point out that the brain is a complex organ and that we may not yet fully understand how it makes decisions. They also argue that our conscious awareness of our choices may be delayed, even though the choices themselves are made freely.

The debate over free will is likely to continue for many years to come. However, the neuroscience experiments that have been conducted so far have certainly challenged our traditional understanding of this fundamental human ability.

Here are some of the limitations of neuroscience experiments on free will:

The experiments are often conducted in artificial settings. This can make it difficult to generalize the findings to real-world situations.

The experiments are often difficult to replicate. This makes it difficult to be sure of the findings.

The experiments do not measure all aspects of free will. For example, they do not measure the ability to make choices between multiple options or the ability to resist temptation.

Despite these limitations, neuroscience experiments on free will have provided valuable insights into this complex topic. They have shown that our brains are involved in making decisions before we are consciously aware of them. This suggests that free will may not be as free as we once thought. However, it is important to remember that these experiments are still in their early stages and that more research is needed to fully understand the nature of free will.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Dynamism of words..



Of words

Appears as










All are words

Connecting with 


Put together to

Describe the



Appearing as 


Saturday, May 20, 2023

the tea is hot...(Nancy Neithercut)

this grief feels beautiful and there is no desire to get rid of it, as it is me...

I cannot imagine life without this broken heart

it is my beauty....

I suppose it is the lethargy which sometimes hits...

meanwhile fillagree of light dances in the garden

doves perch on the telephone wires looking at the feeders

cat wants to play

my husband holds me as tears fall...

it is time for breakfast...

the tea is hot

and the steam enchanting

.... life pulls me into its arms... and the dance continues...

Nancy Neithercut~~

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Words and separation..

Words specify

Drawing attention to

Apparent separation..

Words name as separate

That which is not..



He won the race

By easing division in


Street talk and homes..

Arguments calmed

Labeling tripped

Boundaries faded..

Unconditioned love

Broke out as 

Love for a city 

Melting criticisms

Of his Freshness..

Impossible some said






The person

May stumble upon

A paradox..

Pause and dismissal

Seem the natural favor of 

An ongoing invitation

To find what is

Important ahead...

Boggles the mind..



Boggles the mind..

The boggling is 

Fixed in illusory

There is no mind

To boggle..but

This story may 

Resonate as 


Stories all the way down..



All the way down

Can resonate as


Wednesday, May 17, 2023

"Die before we die."


"Die before we die."

A teaching from

Many spiritual circles..

Advising the seeker on

Seeking the end of 


The seeker may pause

But often seems to

Retreat to a secure

Cove to ponder the


Tuesday, May 16, 2023

A radical message..

Some words of praise of Tony’s message written by Richard Harris. A worthwhile repeat!  😉 

 “Throughout history of mankind’s search for the eternal truth there has emerged, every so often, a revolutionary and radical message that has transformed our whole perception of what it means to be alive.

 Just such an event is happening in our midst at this time, and again it will only be heard by a few.

 This living, vital communication is readily available. Its brilliant simplicity illuminates all that went before. Its essence is interwoven through the finer threads of every scripture but is overlaid with the dogma of the mind…and yet the boundlessness and vibrancy of its dynamic sweeps away all attachment to tradition, lineage and hierarchy.

 Everything else today that purports to being a ‘spiritual teaching’ is absolutely not what is being communicated out of this perception. Even the recent abundance of so-called Advaita and ‘non-dual’ teachings are almost all still making a compromise with the seeker. They teeter on the edge of infinity looking for a way in. This message stands inevitably alone and apart, whenever and wherever it is communicated, and when it is really heard the fundamental and uncompromising difference is inherently recognized!

 So here is a treasure in our midst, ready to be rediscovered. Here is the cup ready to be drunk. But, in the rediscovery we lose the seeking, we lose the dream, we lose all hope which is ourselves and what is left is priceless freedom!”  (FB posting by Eve Reece.)


Nothing is happening..


Speakers remind us

That nothing is happening..

Puzzling it may seem as

The separation belief is

The lot of the seeker..

Peace seems to be a

Paradoxical resonance of 

Not-happening appearing

As happening..

Seeking's end is

Simply not-two...

Unfocused focus..




Assumes a separation

Of focused and unfocused..

And that we can focus

A will to focus..

Yet with no "we"

There may seem

An unfocused focus

On everything...

Monday, May 15, 2023

Too many words..


Too many words..

Seems the condition

Of users of words..

Words qualifying words

Qualifying and confusing..

Wearying to the one

Seeking diligently to

End the ending

Is hidden by words... 

The observer..


The observer

Seemingly a 

Perceptive split.. it story

In which a character

Observes the dream..

Sensing freedom

Beyond understanding...

An enlightenment story...



It may be said

Is the inexplicable

Freedom of it All..

That already

Is a story with

Too many words...

Sunday, May 14, 2023

The "character"


The "character"

Is the name

For the illusory person

Appearing as no-thing..

Along with other characters

Who appear separate..

That's about it..!

Simply not-two...




The prickly self

Prickles at the

Suggestion of no-self..

This it seems 

A scary suggestion..

Quills are ready 

With sharpened barbs..

Nocturnal conditioning

Finds separation safe..

All well and good

A prickly story

Already This...

Porcupines are medium-sized rodents with a distinctive coat of sharp quills. They are found in North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. Porcupines are herbivores and eat a variety of plants, including leaves, twigs, fruits, and nuts. They are solitary animals and spend most of their time in trees or on the ground. Porcupines are nocturnal and are most active at night.

Here are some of the main features of porcupines:

They have a thick coat of sharp quills that they use for defense.

They are herbivores and eat a variety of plants.

They are solitary animals and spend most of their time in trees or on the ground.

They are nocturnal and are most active at night.

They are found in North America, South America, Africa, and Asia.

Porcupines are fascinating creatures and play an important role in the ecosystem. They help to control the populations of plants and insects, and they are a food source for other animals, such as coyotes, foxes, and bears.

Saturday, May 13, 2023



No description

Or prescription 

For This..

Yet all descriptions

And prescriptions

Are already This..

No way out..?


The odor is

Already This...

Not-knowing as Peace..



Is nothing

Appearing as 


Thoughts of

A hereafter

Of heaven 

Or any beyond might

Other thoughts

Denying such



Feeling as peace...

A pyro thought..


A pyro thought~

Of the burning

Of separation beliefs

To discover the 

Fire has nothing

To burn...

Friday, May 12, 2023

Lighting the fire..



Is the match

Lighting the fire...

Praying for rain..


Praying for rain

A rain dance:

Already a downpour

Of empty drops...




Meaningless jobs

Inadequate pay

Stories of 


Protest and compassion..

These expressions of 

The emptiness of


A resurrection story..


(A resurrection story:)

Wholeness already

Appears as a raging


This ending of

Dogma and creeds

Religious footings..

And  a spurt

Of freedom...





A feature of 

Crowded roadways

Micro disturbances

Delays in betterment..

All rising as players

Of separation..

Masks of


The storied resurrection..


The storied


Repeats and repeats..

Macro and micro

Appearances of newness

And all appearances are

Newness arising on

A world stage...

The endless valley..



Of not-two..


Uncompromising with

Separation's hesitations..

Hesitations are the

Wish to retain a toehold

In the valley of knowing..

It's OK..the valley

Is endless... 

Wednesday, May 10, 2023




Is an encased

Cavalcade of words

Which pretend to

Capture an original

Insight not identifiable

With words..

The insight brought

A resonant freedom

For no one..

Orthodoxy is a story

Relating to the

Religious impulse...

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The brain..


The brain

Is a dream


And seems 

A device of

Perception which

Simultaneously is

The universe..


An appealing story..

A role for the

Illusionary brain...

Monday, May 8, 2023

Already forgiven..




The story of

A story of

The appearance

Of not-two...

So, there I am in the mountains of Colorado, two days into fasting and silence and trying to pray. But my mind was busy. Even after two full days of it, I was not filled with a warm feeling of good will toward humanity or union with the divine. I was filled with regret and self-incrimination. I sat on that mountain perseverating on my mistakes and sins and misdemeanors – sure that those things outweighed all else about me. All the ill spoken words and secretly selfish motives, all the friendships lost and betrayals large and small.

And that’s when I heard it.

11 words came to me from – would it be a form of spiritual self-flattery if I said – from God?

11 words, because I’m pretty sure I could not be trusted with more…

The 11 words I heard on that mountain were these “but what if you have already been forgiven of all that?”

~~Nadia Bolz-Weber