Wednesday, November 29, 2023

On the edge..


The frightening
Edge..the point of
No return..
Seemingly this
Prospect is repeated
In stories of seeking..
Dramatic and
Drawing attention..
Yet the edge loses its
Luster as one more
Face of nothing...

Not 2...



Is immediate

For no-one..

2 is

Never 2..

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

A source..


A source

Is denied in

Radnonduality circles..

Nothing appears as

Everything..or vice versa

Are exhibits of stories

Seeming to claim

A source..

It's not Nothing...


It's not Nothing

And not Everything

And It's not It..

Where from here..?

Apparently No-where

But not even No-where..

Liberation and not..?

Monday, November 27, 2023



Photos are maps

As are words..



Nothing underneath

Or overhead..


Sunday, November 26, 2023

A mystery story..



Is often the name

Attached to 

What's behind 

The door of


Yet what is in

Front of the door

And the door itself

Are equally 


Freedom may

Seem to arise in

This tale of


The fearful freedom..


The way

Of the negative

May express

The emptiness

Of everything..

The way

Of the positive

May overlook

The emptiness..

Yet whether

Negative or positive

Emptiness beacons 

The fearful freedom...

Grasping for nothing..



For nothing

Seems the 

Lot of the



A concept is

Really grasping 


The concept

Seems to satisfy

The seeker


In its fullness..

Which is fine...

Friday, November 24, 2023

Aisle of nothing...


Black Friday

Draws attention to

The shelves..

Inviting the seeker

In all of us

To join in  this

Seasonal story

Of frenzy..

A choice 

To join or withdraw

Only enhances the

Seeker's identity..

Freedom may appear

With the ending of

The choice...




A story of an

Outward blanket

Of whiteness and cold..

Overwhelming perhaps..

Reflections arise of the

Amazing sudden change..

In the story may also arise

A sense of no-time

A sense of no-changing:

No-changing seeming as


And peace...

Time is and is not..



Is and is not..

That it is not

Seems hidden by

That it is..

Yet..time is

And is not are

Not two...

Follow the line.. (Ovidiu Salaru)



The character

Has a line

A storied path

Which can be


It's all good

The story stands

As already

The prize

Which was 

Sought by

No one...

(Photo by Ovidiu Salaru)

Thursday, November 23, 2023

The spell of separation..



Breaks the spell

Of separation..


Perhaps not..

The illogic may

Save the day... 








The appearing


Is empty..

A conceptual



Is this the best
Word that can be
Used to express
What cannot be
A failed word
As all words fail..

This is another map
Hiding the territory...

Wednesday, November 22, 2023



Thrives on viewpoints
These solid beliefs
Never questioned as
The root of suffering..
The nagging longing
For suffering's end
Is believed to be 
Rooted elsewhere..
A common story
Already told...

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

A dearth of words..


Radical non-duality

Seems satisfied with  a

Dearth of words:





A few more..

These dispose of

The baggage words

Of religion and spirituality..

Perhaps clearing the way

For a resonance with


Peace beyond understanding...

Monday, November 20, 2023

Brightness and burden..


Brightness and burden

Is the portrait of 

Many we meet..

She's carrying a book

For the little library

A token of giving..

She's also carrying

Worries of what seems

Shading her life..

Her bright greeting

Registers as the All

Of Thanksgiving...

Salt and pepper..


Salt and pepper

Seem to declare

Over and over that

Improvement is at hand..

Always seeming correct..

Hiding the wonder of life's

Immediacy without

Salt and pepper...

Mental health...


Mental health

Confronts the trauma

Of the violence of


For a restoration of what's

Beyond understanding..

Beautiful undertakings

Which are already

Beyond understanding...

Nature's permanence...



In its permanence

Appears as disturbance..

Unsettling wishes for

What is undisturbed

Appear also as


In its permanence...

Words are tangled..

Words are tangled

Infringing on each other

Claiming more or less

Popping up unexpectedly 

Becoming extinct

Chaos and clarity..

Upon this cauldron

Are built the canons 

Of belief and knowledge

Communicating endlessly

The emptiness which

Seems missing...

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Untethered story..


Stories may

Seem to be tethered

To assumed separation..

An untethered story

Allows it to float free

Simply as a story

Seeming as freedom...

Friday, November 17, 2023



Seems as bedrock
Of knowing..
Of stories and
Life as known..
All words express
Two..even those 
Words intending to
Express not-two..
Swirling expressions 
Of inescapable 

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Floodgate opening...


An apparent

Shift featuring

"Appearances" of



Such may be

An opening

To the use of "I"

And "me" with

Abandon..and to

An opening 

Of a floodgate

Of stories about


With the apparent

Shift intact...

Tuesday, November 14, 2023




To modify the self

So to experience a 

Missing wholeness..

Finding a path to home..

A beautiful story...

Monday, November 13, 2023

Longing and seeking..

Longing and seeking

Are appearances of life

Whether showing up as

Appearances or not..

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

A script of joy and sorrow..


The self..

Some capitalize as

Self..but it is all

The same self..

Yet it is not the

Self we thought..

The self appears

As story character

Empty and unknown

Beautifully engaged

In a script

of joy and sorrow and

Seeming separation...

Monday, November 6, 2023



These are the persuaders 

For the reign of separation..

Trappings appear

As words and stories

Memories and plans

Which are called home..

A home built on endless


"You." The word designates what seems to be the root of separation. You/Me accumulates all the trappings of separation, and these trappings foster the belief in the separate individual. To whom separation is an unquestioned belief. Subject-object is perhaps separation's best ally, because language and words, trappings also, offer seemingly undeniable support, due to their subject-object engines. There is a paradoxical story, but only a story, that all of these trappings express no-separation...There are many trappings stories! Maybe all stories are trappings stories...😁

Saturday, November 4, 2023

The storied "I"...


The storied "I"

Is the I

The only I

And cannot be known..

Yet life seems to be

Attempt after attempt

To find a hint of truth

About the storied I...

Words are the mystery


As it is

Is a mystery..

Nothing appearing

And not appearing..

Words pick and choose

Try and fail

And in trying

Are the mystery...

Friday, November 3, 2023

Foreground and background..


Foreground and


A seeming separation 

And context builder

For a story of wholeness..

It is the story of what

Sometimes poses as

An explanation of

What cannot be explained...

Words of religions..



From an imaginary


The stories told

By religions..

Separation illusions

Set the fears

And expectations

Over spans of time..

And create the

Listing of rules of

Belonging for one to

Live a life of faith...

Sonnet 29..


Haply I think on thee
Wholeness as a lark
At break of new day
Wipes away separation's grip
And rises in recognition of
The sullen stories which
Separate me and thee...CC

A suggestion of freedom...



In a story 

Is sought..

But seemingly

Stories confine..

Although a shift

Suggesting freedom

May occur with

Noticing of

A story as story...

Mystery words...


Standing out..

A word

Any word

Seems to stand out

As a map

An explanation

A story

A mystery...

A plethora of alternate stories..

A character

Reading a billboard

Advertising "something"

Named "Alternate Health.."

Could be a piece of scripture

Perhaps a parable inviting

A plethora of alternate


One of them here...

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Rivers and mountains..



Out there are illusion..

Yet whether considered

Illusion or not

Beauty is declared..

No-separation seems to