Sunday, February 27, 2022

Neither dream nor not dream..


amazing this magic show, neither dream nor not dream, ...beyond understanding or the need to know why, the morning yawns and slides through the window... where is inside, where is outside, where is the horizon that separates you from tomorrow?
where is the space between you and this kiss of light, between you and the listening, here are the first birds cascading through the garden, the touch the feel of these smooth keys of the computer, the feeling of hot and wet in your mouth, morning tea, and the steam, rising, looping and curling and dissolving? are you separate from the memory or moon or the night dreams that are fading, now, into the dream of day?
your heart bleeds its rhythm into the day, the morning catches its breath or is it your blood rushing through the window painting the dawn?
~~Nancy Neithercut

it is apparent always that there are no things, does that make a difference in this imaginary dancer's life? well, yes, indeed as the thought stream changes considerably when there is no belief in other better more or next. there is simply no hope or fear or need of that imaginary next. 
the thought stream does not go away but it does seem to change. 
along with the palpable physical and psychological relaxation, there is the absence of the constant self judgement and self correction thoughts, the constant shoulda woulda coulda.  
and it feels like all encompassing love, living beautifully between love and nothing at al, between the fullness and emptiness. somehow I seem to fall in love with everyone I see. I weep a lot at the utter beauty of all and everything. 
~~Nancy Neithercut

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