Saturday, February 5, 2022

Message so simple...Miranda Warren


This message is so simple and useless and beautiful and ordinary. It is what seems impossible to learn and impossible to not see; it is as obvious as perception arising and irreducible to concepts and beliefs.
It is only ever what is happening, and there is nothing else that humans speak of that points only to what already is, and yet it is often imagined that there is some hidden secret teaching that will enable someone to find what they already are.
This is like asking someone a question and having them smile and point back to you. You are astonished, then they simply point to everything you seem to see, and then they walk away. That’s it. This is it. There is nothing to find, nothing to learn, no path to some higher or better or more exalted state.
And perhaps that is why some people are drawn to this message in the first place. There is a recognition that finally someone is not giving them a fairy tale of what is missing and lacking, but expressing what only ever is; this, life, love, for no separate person, just as it is. 
~~Miranda Warren

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