Sunday, April 4, 2021

Senses shouting..(Tony Parsons)

How do the senses relate to "being?" The senses may seem to 
be objects residing in a subject/object world, but perhaps there 
is a unicity present, in that, senses and sensing might seem as 
one, or being. The mind will picture things like eyes or noses 
which pull into the separation cage of belief and illusion. But, 
backing off from all these floating thoughts, with their nagging 
dissatisfactions, it might dawn that being appears as senses 
and sensing, as eyes and noses..and any illusory separation
from being is blatantly exposed...

There is only one constant – being. It never leaves. It doesn’t come and it doesn’t go away. And we rush around looking for it. “Where is it??” You can’t do being. Is anybody doing breathing? Is anybody doing sitting in a chair? You can’t achieve being. *Being is all there is and it speaks through the senses*.
The senses are shouting at you “Look, here I am already”. Five senses, the feelings and thinking are all beingness simply being, and seekers are looking for that which is, which is absolutely shouting at the seeker and yet, cannot be known.
~~Tony Parsons

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