Monday, April 12, 2021

There are no things..(Nancy Neithercut)


This unspeakable majesty which is everything and nothing has no edge or center. As there is no outside, there are no things outside of it and no inside. As there is no outside there is nothing that can be added or taken away. There are no things that are interconnected or interrelated, and it is not one big thing that can be split apart.
Utterly spontaneously life does itself. There are no things, yet all and everything is included. All this and that is made up, mentally fabricated, like an edgeless sea painting a line in itself with water, there is no actual separation, only imaginary separation.
All thought emotion and action happens completely naturally and is not separate from the awareness of this symphony of perception. No one or thing does anything or nothing. There is no separation period.
There are no words for this infinite spaciousness without space... this atemporal seamless flow that has no movement or non movement.
You may feel you have glimpsed this edgeless emptiness and feel like you have lost it. But no one has it as there is no you to grasp it, the mind cannot fathom it. There is nothing to have there is no goal to attain. There are no hands that are empty and need to be filled.
Unicity is always the case and looks and feels like anything at all! It need not and cannot be made anew. As it includes everything, and there is no here nor there where else could it possibly be? As there are no separate parts or moments or events or selves, there is no one who can do or not do anything or nothing to see this.
It is always seeing itself! Just as life seems to appear, right now right here, as there is no other, no outside or inside or next. Through the entire spectrum of your beautiful humanness through the fullness of life as it flows, life is aware of itself, aware of being aware, through the infinite display of imaginary separation.
This is not a concept that can be grasped or a philosophy, it is wondrously unthinkable! Trying to understand this sublime emptiness makes it appear that there is a you and a thing called emptiness. But there are no things or non things. Not even things that are composed of emptiness.... every word seems to slice up infinite spaciousness and this is how the dream of separation paints itself... these very words seem to create things and time... and a you who is reading them... and a me who is singing... but this is simply the most scrumptious passion play spinning tales of you and me and we....
Anything said about the dream is the dream
Including this
~~Nancy Neithercut

awakening is not logical it is not a belief or understanding or philosophy.... it cannot be learned or taught or given away... I can try to explain no thing ness... and I will put a link here... but the closest the intellect can get is interconnectedness... as thing less ness is utterly unthinkable... yet... you know this somewhere deeply, and the urge to remember it is the seeking... but as it is already the case it cannot be made anew and cannot be remembered... or forgotten… for many the dissonance of the intuited knowing that there are no things and the belief in separation (which you are) is exceedingly painful, and like many seekers they look to people or teachers who say that they know this and can give it to you or teach it... they will say things like be still etc. but all these instructions will only perpetuate the painful illusion of a separate you with personal volition. there are some who seem to have seen through the illusion of self, but seeing through the belief in all separation is quite rare... it is a profound shift in perspective that occurs in the brain and is not something that happens to you as you are an imaginary character that is why a sage will use ambiguous words and phrases, to catapult the seeker’s mind outside of the usual grooves of assumed knowing
~~also Nancy Neithercut

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