Sunday, April 14, 2013

Music two ways

One way expresses
music listening
 not food for thought..
Another expressed by
a master pianist
88 notes and pedals
differences of sound
are infinite..
practice is love
finding those 
illusive differences
coaxing secrets from
the secretive piano..
might a listener
also grasp
a measure
of difference in
her reverie...?

 listening advice
from Eckhart Tolle,
and the experience of
differences told by
Joaquin Achucarro

Gazette: After viewing two video performances of you on the Internet — Falla’s “Nights in the Garden” and Mozart’s “21st Piano Concerto” — I was struck by how differently you approached the keyboard. It’s almost as if each piece was being performed by a different pianist.
Achúcarro: All my life I have been striving to find the proper technique to express on the piano what I want. If something is impressionistic, you have to be different in how you approach the keyboard. It has to be crystal clear. When I play Rachmaninoff or Bartok again, the way is different.
The piano is a funny instrument. People think that you hit the note and that’s that. But you can hit the same note in so many different ways. If you think that you have 88 different notes and pedals and harmonics — so that the amount of sound that the piano can do is literally infinite. To make that instrument sing and make a choir and an orchestra (sing), it’s a marvelous task. That’s all I can say. That’s why I practice and when I finish our conversation, I will go again.

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