Wednesday, December 22, 2021

This is empty fullness...Jim Newman


“This is empty fullness. The “me” is felt as “special” when the me collapses there is “ordinariness”, no 'specialness'…there is more naturalness, more “evenness”. There is no right way or wrong way about anything…the me is constantly tortured by what should be. When the me falls away, it is recognized that nothing needs to be done, nothing needs to happen. When the dream collapses, it is recognized that there never was a “story” , a “life”, a “me”. It is recognized that there never was a beginning or an ending, The me is so thin and some people hear this message and it just falls away, like in The Wizard of Oz…it is realized that it is a big joke! It seems a crescendo is building and building, the me is building, nothing is working, looking for happiness, accumulating things, contentment won’t come, twenty years of meditation is for naught and the “path” seems to keep one buried in the me, goals, all of it, keeps the me alive because me does not want to die."

Jim Newman~

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