Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Oneness lens..


A Oneness lens

In its stories

Sees apparent separation..

Stories are Oneness

Stories fill volumes

Religious stories 

Political stories 

Personal stories are 

Oneness appearing

Empty and story-full..


With a resonance

A breakthrough 

I am..seeking..ends

Oneness seems ordinary...

Before and after sumptuous stories that seem to create a wow now.... but there is no one reading the story anymore as it writes itself... only in the story of oneness swallowing twoness swallowing oneness does it seem to appear that there is an awareness of aliveness, of awareness, of this underlying wow-ness... that seems to provide a backbeat to the symphony of all imaginary this and that. This rhythm of life dancing to a call and answer love song in the great divide, the Grand Canyon of early morning mists that seem to obscure colors but dissolve into a particular clarity of simply life doing itself looking and feeling like anything at all... all of this apparent happening marvelous beyond measure ...and although there are no selves or others or endless seas or vast undulating skies no you nor me nor love... this is not the end of love
...It is the beginning....Nancy Neithercut..

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