Thursday, December 9, 2021

simply this brilliant immediacy...(Nancy Neithercut)


Nancy Neithercut
simply this brilliant immediacy
this obvious aliveness
un fettered
un knowable
edgeless aliveness
without an outside or inside
'this' is not an it
all there is, is this
yet there is no this or that
nor more or other or better or next...
what can be said when every word seems to create separate things, like time dimension distinction causality
'this' does not arise from something like emptiness or nothingness or boundless energy... and does not go anywhere
there are no where's to go...
nor anyone to go there
yet this painted dreamscape of everything and nothing seems to appear, simultaneously self arising and self erasing, never actually existing as a thing
you can hold it or capture it or enter or escape....
you are an enchantment of words as are all things...

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