Saturday, March 2, 2019

Waiting for Elizabeth (Beth) Ann

Waiting for Elizabeth Anne
(Beth Anne)

Times and places
seem so long ago  
scattered and distant..yet
 on grandmother's quilt
names are revealed
of those women whose
 vitality brought forth
an awaited birth..

Imagination is
silenced by 
contemplation of the
innumerable stories
the sorrows and joys
which are veiled
by the quilt's
sharp brevity.. 

They are here today
to attend this gathering
in celebration of 
the blessed life
of a granddaughter and
daughter and mother
named Beth Anne..

(We gather and honor:
Marie, Adele, Maria Francoise
Oliva, Elizabeth, Philomene,
Betty, Nancy, Sarah Elizabeth,
May, Nancy, Mary Ann,
Margaret, Diane, Elizabeth,
Martha, Matilda, Chariety,
Sarah Frances, Emma Jane, Pearl,
Betty, Eleanor, Sarah Elizabeth,
Eleanor, Letitia Anne, Barbara,
Wilhelmine, Ella, Mary,
Elizabeth, Lucy, Deborah, May,
and Lucy Maria...)

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