Sunday, March 3, 2019

The dream goes on

The dream goes on

but the dream now
is an enlightened dream..
one of knowing 
the dreamer and dream
as one..
that is the waking
that seems underway
and which promises
the peace and happiness
for which all
are longing...

The dream goes on, but it is as though you are awake inside the dream. Nothing is so serious. Then, the marks of anxiety and worry, they leave your face. The tensions that are created through the mind and its fears and projections, they're also being discharged, leaving. So when others see you, there's a Vibration, there's an Energy present in you that is the most powerful and yet at the same time, the most beautiful, because we remind each other of our True Nature...
Just try and keep your attention in the Beingness; that natural sense. From there you can see that actions, reactions, interractions, they are playing totally spontaneously. You're just Here. Looking at life, looking out from a kind of Vastness and yet, you're not shopping for experience. Your Beingness IS your Experience.

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