Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Perennial Tradition

The Perennial Tradition

This Tradition seems lurking
as the real Theory of Everything..
It is a pull toward recognition of
the real Self which we all are..
This sacred Tradition
places our Self and our
seeming self-separation..ego
in a perennial dance 
which has always been so..
This is the Illumination within
which all of our religions their
 temporary patterns express..
Science has neglected 
this Formula until it was found 
that an Observer has been hiding
and must be revealed 
for further advance..
We seem to be on the threshold
of a startling discovery:
Our Self is Everything
the real TOE for which
we have perennially 
been seeking...

Are you tired of the conflicts of religion? Of dire warnings and fears?
Have you heard that all religions are rooted in something called
The Perennial Tradition?  Charlie Coon, one of your neighbors
presents a Pillar program which is dedicated to awakening the freedom 
which is available with an understanding of The Perennial Tradition.
Where:  The Myron Stratton Home (Hwy 115 South), 
When: The third Friday each month, 10:00 to 11:30 AM.  
Charlie can be contacted at:

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