Friday, July 14, 2017

STRETCH...July 2017


July 21st, 2017
10 to 11:30 AM
Myron Stratton Home
Facilitator:  CRC


This word is derived from Latin origins..
(ad tendere)
its meaning is:  attention..
Attention is stretching the mind
away from itself toward that over there..
Succinctly..this is the power 
and the capstone of the mind..CC

Consciousness and Soul Proof...(Larry Dossey Non-locality)

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A Crisis of Loyalty-Non Duality and ACIM (RS and a black woman!)

RS and Lisa Natoli...The Direct Approach to the Light of Pure Knowing (ACIM)

RS..Explaining War

I Never Go Anywhere

We often hear phrases in the non-dual teaching such as, ‘The world is an illusion.’ But such phrases may create a rebellion in us, for we know that our experience is very real.  So how to reconcile these two positions – one, ‘the illusory world’ and two, the undeniable reality of our experience?
Anything that appears must appear in or on something. For instance, an image appears on a screen; a chair appears in the space of a room; the words of a novel appear on a page; a cloud appears in the sky.
What about the mind, body and world? Our only experience of them is what currently appears to us as thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, sights, sounds, textures, tastes and smells. In other words, all we know of a mind, body or world are appearances, and all these are continually appearing and disappearing. We may have a concept of a continuously existing mind, body or world, but we never actually experience such an object.
As Cezanne also said, “Everything vanishes, falls apart.” All we know of the world are perceptions that continuously appear and disappear. However, anything that appears and disappears must do so in or on something. What is that something?

~~Rupert Spira, The Ultimate Revolution

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