Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Know thyself...Study nature...(Emerson)

a dream too wild*

resistance is receding 

with clarity in bloom
boundaries are softening
rationality for a moment 
is brushed away
and experience shines.. and past
are placed in our paths
and heard with new eyes..
teachers last 
are accepted with joy..
understandings of self
stand in stark contrast
with toxicities without..
new perceptive twists
recognize real roots
and burn the brush
which for centuries
has dimmed our view:
a dream too wild...

*from The American Scholar
Quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, The American Scholar:

8)  Thus to him, to this school-boy under the bending dome of day, is suggested, that he and it proceed from one root; one is leaf and one is flower; relation, sympathy, stirring in every vein. And what is that Root? Is not that the soul of his soul?--A thought too bold,--a dream too wild. Yet when this spiritual light shall have revealed the law of more earthly natures,--when he has learned to worship the soul, and to see that the natural philosophy that now is, is only the first gropings of its gigantic hand, he shall look forward to an ever expanding knowledge as to a becoming creator. He shall see, that nature is the opposite of the soul, answering to it part for part. One is seal, and one is print. Its beauty is the beauty of his own mind. Its laws are the laws of his own mind. Nature then becomes to him the measure of his attainments. So much of nature as he is ignorant of, so much of his own mind does he not yet possess. And, in fine, the ancient precept, "Know thyself," and the modern precept, "Study nature," become at last one maxim.
The ancient precept, “Know thyself,” and the modern precept, “Study nature,” become at last one maxim. 

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