Wednesday, August 15, 2018



complexity abounds 
as we try to understand the heavens
in old tried and true ways..
the universe accelerates its expansion
so we must conclude there is something
more than the matter we see
pushing with extraordinary vigor..
naming that something as dark matter
existing in universal darkness 
is apparently beyond our viewing..
we conclude: emptiness is not empty..
and nothing is no-thing..but..?

these many thoughts..among many more
promise only unending searches 
using science's outdated lenses..
enter a new lens:  
the consciousness-only Scope..
where it is discovered that everything lies within..
is known by..and is made of consciousness:
consciousness is our reality..not all those things..
things are our fleeting  thoughts and perceptions..
yet our scientists are reluctant to cast off
their deep-seated learning..and in surrender last..the truth 
for which they are searching:
emptiness and no-thing 
contain vast possibilities..many appearing

CC, TS, et al - Here's more science based fodder for you deep thinkers.

Q: Is empty space really the same as nothing?

A: We know that the universe is very empty. The average density of space is about one atom in every ten cubic metres – far more rarefied than any vacuum we can achieve on Earth. But even if you take all the matter away, space has a kind of elasticity which (as was recently confirmed) allows gravitational waves – ripples in space itself – to propagate through it. Moreover, we’ve learned that there is an exotic kind of energy in empty space itself....
But of course this raises another question: how much of science is going to be accessible to the human brain? It could turn out, for instance, that the mathematics of string theory is in some sense a correct description of reality, but that we will never be able to understand it well enough to check it against any genuine observation. Then we may have to await the emergence of some kind of post-humans to get a fuller understanding.
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