Friday, August 17, 2018



There are many who find comfort
on their journeys
by way-stations which are
ready to assist..when approached..
There are presences there
which color experience..and are
engaged as life unfolds..

Moreover..mindfulness seems
daunting and distant for many
who relish way-station relief..
Religions have relied on this
most natural desiring:
Providing figures of faith..and
stories to map and locate the
Light and Happiness 
we all seek.. ancient and modern days
a wondering has arisen in some
about a path more direct 
bypassing those many
way-stations..which..having served
now seem to delay arrival..
and..are dissolved by discovery
that these stations are made of the
Light and Happiness 
we all seek…


CC - As we have seen from some of Madisyn's Dailys, she is a spiritual person.  But with this presentation she takes it all the way.  What she says below is not exactly new, 'tho.  What is your opinion with the substance of this??

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