Saturday, August 25, 2018

World Building..

World Building..

are initial stimulations
seeming as discrete until
our experience disagrees..
context swallows content
and our fragment spreads
and re-identifies as the world
or the universe..or a song.. 
yet..remaining a fragment
a fleeting perception:
world building...


John Frame's Fantastical Sculptures (Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Instead of thinking of experience as a collection of objects or nouns, feel only in terms of verbs. Instead of thinking, ‘I know such and such’, feel, ‘There is only knowing and I am that’. Instead of thinking, ‘I love you’, feel, ‘There is only loving and I am that’. Instead of thinking, ‘I see the tree’, feel, ‘There is only seeing and I am that’.  ~~Rupert Spira

Panel Presentation/Discussion:  "World Building through Art" - What is world building and why is it important in art, film, and literature? Join artists John Frame and Virgil Ortiz and Professor Natanya Pulley in a facilitated conversation about creating complex, nuanced, and real fictional worlds in their respective bodies of work. Facilitated by Professor Steven Hayward. A pre-talk reception will be held at the Fine Arts Center on September 13th at 4 p.m.  5:30 pm, Packard Performance Hall, 5 W. Cache La Poudre St. Free to the Public

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