Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What am I?

What am I? by Rupert Spira (Short talk / whole video is here)
What am I? I am the one that sees whatever is seen. But I am not made out of anything that is seen. I am the one that hears whatever is heard. But I am not made out of anything that is heard. I am the one that feels or senses whatever is felt or sensed. But I am not made out of anything that is felt or sensed. I am the one that knows whatever is known or experiences whatever is experienced. But I am not made out of anything that is known or experienced.
I am the knowing element or the experiencing element that runs throughout all experience. But what is there in experience, other than the knowing of it or the experiencing of it? All that is known is the knowing of experience. And I am that knowing.
All experience is a modulation of my knowing presence, my Aware presence. All that is known in experience is the knowing of it; and I am that. There is nothing other than that. Nothing other than that is ever known. Nothing other than this knowingness is ever known and that is what I am. Only myself is known.
And who is it that knows myself? I am the one that knows. Myself is known by myself alone. All there is is myself knowing and being myself. All there is is this knowingness or Awareness. And because there is nothing other than that, nothing that is apart from that, separate, distant or other than that, there is only utter intimacy. And this intimacy is Love. All there is … is myself: Being myself, knowing myself and loving myself. Everything, all seeming things, is only that, only myself, only this knowingness, which is all.
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