Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More Real Than Real

More Real Than Real

This seems a significant study..a short step away from declaring that what we have 
thought to be real is highly questionable.  What is "real" in this research is
assumed to be the experiences of thoughts, sensations, and perceptions which
we associate with our lives.  It is a strong belief in the separate-self.  The NDE,
on the other hand, denies the assumption of separation and glimpses the Awareness 
which is what is really Real.  The question is whether a NDE is the only
way to experience what is really Real.  
Which prompts the next question:
"Am I Aware..?

A new study of near-death experiences (NDEs) has given a scientific footing to the oft-reported effect of the experience feeling 'more real than real' (e.g. ‘‘My death experience is more real to me than life”; ‘‘It was more real than real: absolute reality”; ‘‘I have no doubt that this experience was real. It was vastly more real than anything we experience here”.)  For more see:

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