Monday, May 1, 2017

Atreya Thomas

My response to Non-dual teachers who say that the Absolute cannot be known:
Many speak of the Absolute's attributes such as freedom, peace, bliss, unconditional awareness etc. Yet, at the same time say it cannot be known. Either admit you know it therefore have the authority to speak of it's attributes, or admit you do not know it and therefore speak from merely second-hand knowledge. The truth is it is the latter from which you teach, therefore the strength of such a teaching has no potency and is like giving dried fruit to the thirsty. I assure you it can be known and is bestowed upon those who seek it to the exclusion of all other things. 
My advice, just teach from your own experience whatever that may be; which will always sound unique and authentic. 
-Atreya Thomas  (On Facebook)

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