Thursday, May 4, 2017

Speculation and Amusement

Speculations and Amusements

We speculate and are amused
by the questions we raise..
All questions..however..
reduce to one question:  What am I..?
We discover all speculations and amusements
seem temporary..entering and exiting..
but we sense there is something that 
does not enter and exit..and whatever that is
seems to be what I really am..
All of the speculations and amusements
then are experienced within this 
newly discovered something which I now know.. 
Speculations and amusements are
found to be real..and joyfully made of
the something I am... 

CC & AW - You may find this amusing.  I created this almost exactly 2 years ago for some reason I don't recall.  
Interesting thoughts here......  speculation of a possibility for your consideration. (or amusement)

        First, and the hardest part..... just assume a "divine" creator that in time "decided" to create this fine tuned universe.  Maybe, just maybe, the plan included:
1. The mechanism for evolution of matter and life......  The Universe.
2. This universe was to have:  Very vast amounts of time, space, mass/energy and size (large & small)  These result in the great variety of everything that we know of.
3.  Management:  Evolution to the present "produced" guides (angels, guardian angels, spirit guides) - these are set in the spirit or non-material world as we know it.  Afterlife paradigms have much to relate about such a possible dimension or dimensions.  Does dark matter contain these spiritual dimensions/realities??  Ie, when our prayers are answered or an unbelievable coincidence happens to save one's life, etc. is it the guardian angel that has arranged this?? (I've experienced such on several occasions..... perhaps you, too?)
4.  Last but least least:  The Purpose.  Some have posited the purpose is for "God's" created souls to experience and then return.  Buddhist religions say after that it begins all over again.
        That's it.... Place, Evolution and Management.  Of course, how did the Creator came to be is the unknowable, but we must start somewhere..... simply because we exist.

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