Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Graduation Day..!

Today is graduation day at the the Air Force Academy..
Expressions of pride are symbolized by
the exceptionally precise timing of the 
Thunderbird fly-over and the tossing of caps..
An annual celebration..
This special moment 
leads to a thought
of time..

The witnesses of this event were no doubt
impressed and their belief strengthened
about the fundamental significance
of time..

Time and space contain this event
and all the events of our lives..
Thus we have been taught and
the belief has early arisen:  This is
all we know and all we need to know
of time..

There seems to be no consideration of 
witnessing as perception which would be
a step upward on the ladder to understanding..
Perception moves the reality of what is seen
away from the perceived and into the perceiver..
And in such perception there is a demotion
of time..

Time is a thought which boldly declares
 control over
 lives lived in separation..
Unmasking is needed and can only be done
with an experience of witnessing
which exposes the frailty
of time...

Congratulations to the graduates...!

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