Friday, May 26, 2017

"Mr. 56" (Remembering Bob Hatfield)

"Mr. 56"

(Remembering Bob Hatfield)

He was and remains
part of each one of us..
This honor: "Mr. 56"
fills a page in our Toltec
and fills many pages in
 our hearts and memories
of that sweet year..

A warm greeter he was
and taught us that life
is to be welcomed 
in all its disguises..
There was his courage
courage to participate
to persuade himself to do
what others may do better..

He proudly wore
his Durango Demon "D"
a "D" for determination..
His example in memory
allowed all of us
to wear his "D"
in those life places
where our fit seemed

We miss his smile
in those many hallways
especially in the spring
of that special year..
As we prepared to depart
each blessed with a Gift
from our "Mr. 56!"...

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