Friday, May 5, 2017


I Am, but Maybe We Are

CC - Just ran across this.... you may find it of interest.  I found this on the web site .


This concept is borne of the finite mind
anchored in a belief in separation..
The appearance of interplay of minds 
seems astonishing
producing what appears as a single mind..
Egos are in apparent common zones..

Radical seems the notion that a common Mind
is the Source of brainwaves of each 
member of a magical entrainment..
The entrainment issues from our common Mind
from infinite Awareness
from our identity experienced as: I am...

"For an individual, the term “entrainment” is sometimes used to describe “being in the zone.” When two or more people are engaged socially with one another, that, too, appears to involve entrainment — or being in the same zone. Such shared entrainment shows up on EEGs as neural synchrony."  (for more use the link above)

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