Friday, January 1, 2021

Getting to the bottom of it all..!

Getting to the bottom of it all..!

There is one "I"

The I of One..

I appear as

Splitting worlds..

As I name them

Something seems awry 

Until that too is

Recognized as I..

Yet..I am now wary of

Names..I and One..?

Might these names 

Also quiver with the

Unnamed..Or might we

Replace all these words

With new Spontaneity...?

“The ‘I’ of the separate self is the true and only ‘I’ of infinite awareness, seemingly mixed with, and, therefore limited by the objective qualities of experience.

With this apparent limitation of awareness comes a limiting of the peace that is inherent within it. It is for this reason that the primary motivation of all apparently separate selves to find peace or fulfillment.

The wound of separation that lives in the hearts of most people is an invitation from the heart of awareness, drawing the mind inwards to the peace and fulfillment that live at its source and essence.

~~Rupert Spira, Being Aware of Being Aware, p. 100

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