Tuesday, January 5, 2021

God's Holding...


God's Holding in Virus times..

God's Holding..for me..is demonstrated in several lessons..seemingly taught 

by the virus.  Many of us look forward to a return to quote "normal" after 

this challenging period..but the virus teaches us that the normal was not sustainable, 

and not for our benefit.  Here are some other lessons..lessons which may not 

 have been as effectively taught in any other way:

We had glimpses of clean cities without fossil pollution.  However, the apparent 

origin of the virus in polluted places..cries out for attention to environmental 

urgencies. The experience of many who were denied  access to dying family members..

offers a meditation on all of Life.  The very serious challenges to our democracy..

during this same time.. warn of a deterioration of respect for vital governmental 

functions.   Lastly...these difficult lessons.. and the accompanying fear..and the 

desperate  search for Answers..prompts us to turn Inward..to recognize our true 

Identity..as Jesus..and many others..have elucidated over the centuries.  

Thank you...


Some of you may be familiar with a documentary produced by Netflix, entitled

"My Octopus Teacher."  The film has deeply touched many people in this 

pandemic time.  A good friend has seen it several times (Dan Schwartz).  In the film,

a man established a loving daily relationship with an octopus over the course of a year, 

which is the lifespan of this creature.  Highly recommended.  So...I have found it useful

to similarly consider the Virus as a teacher, and offer the following:

My Virus Teacher..

The virus has placed a focus

On our assumptions of  "normal"

Normal..these were the habits

Taken for granted as they

Settled into our lives as

Benchmarks and addictions..

We so fondly remember the

Unceasing participation..tight

Schedules..with expected

Plentiful accumulation..then 

Enter the virus..pushing back on

Artificial guide rails..and 

Inviting our attention to..Yes 

A frightening Freedom..

A Freedom forever available

With accompanying Joy..

But alas.. went unnoticed

Until the virus erased our

Habitual and imagined 

Prison bars... 

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