Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Whatever arises.. (Tony Parsons)


Whatever arises..
Comes into apparent being..
And we fail to experience
The exhilaration of knowing
That we are the source of
This spontaneous arising..
This failing results from the
Veil of time..as we imagine
What came before and after..
We look for this timeline
Which is simply appearing as
A mindful contribution to
All that is arising..yet
The complicit time
Does..and does not..hide
Our Arising Joy...

"You can’t do anything because you can’t do what you already are. You are the light, which allows creation to be. Look, it is happening right here, right now, in everything that’s taking place for you. Simply let it be there…no questions, no judgments, no wish to change anything or make it better.
Fall in love with this. Fall in love with it intimately, and everything else will “emerge". And don’t stay fixed with one thing. Let whatever arises come to the forefront and fall away back into `emptiness.”
Tony Parsons~

All there is this…being - “The unknown appearing as the known, the impersonal appearing as the personal, the one appearing as two, nothing appearing as everything, emptiness appearing as fullness, the uncaused appearing as the caused, the subject appearing as the object, the singular appearing as the plural, unicity appearing as separation. It is silence sounding and stillness moving and these words appearing as pointers to the wordless.” ~ Tony Parsons ~

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