Sunday, January 10, 2021

The persona...Jean Klein



Are maskings..our presentations
To those over there..
The assumption of separation
Fuels the fires of this deception..
Personas populate an everyday stage
As we engage our persona with
That one over there..
Personas in love and war..provide us
A seeming elixir of life..until we tire
Of the bliss and the wounding..
To discover one day the culprit
As we drop our personas on the stage..
Finding a freshness of Freedom
Which we are amazed to find has
Always lived upon that stage...

Q. So the individual does not exist as an isolated entity. But does not the personality exist as a unique part of the whole?
A. The 'person' is really only persona, mask, but it has come to be synonymous with the idea of an individual, separate and continuous entity. The personality is not the constant we imagine it to be. In reality it is only a temporary re-orchestration of all our senses, imagination and intelligence, according to each situation. There is no repetition in life and each re-orchestration is unique and original like the design in a kaleidoscope. The mistake is to identify with the personality, to conceptualize it in memory and then take ourselves for this collection of crystallized images rather than letting all emotions, perceptions and thoughts arise and die in us. We are in the theatre watching our own play on stage. The actor is always ‘behind’ his persona. He seems to be completely lost in suffering, in being a hero, a lover, a rascal, but all these 'appearings' take place in global presence. This presence is not a detached attitude, a witnessing position. It is not a feeling of separateness, of being ‘outside’. It is the presence of wholeness, love, out of which all comes. When no situation calls for activity we remain in emptiness of activity, in this presence.
~ Jean Klein ~

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