Monday, January 18, 2021



Starting with Democracy as the Light of our life as community and nation..

Democracy as Equality stands in our founding days..and point to the recognition

Of Who we are..These words..based in our Declaration..were followed by our

Constitution which was the first Limitation placed on our real Identity.  

Democracy recognizes Equality as its substance..All are created equal..which

Is a stumbling block for those with a focus on the doings..the externals..which

Color our everyday lives..When the externals are found to be fleeting and illusory..

And the root of much suffering..There is a chance one might recognize Equality

As the Reality we are..Failing this recognition brings the history we have been

Taught in our schools..First the Constitution recognized these failings..Laws

Restrained lives in desperation..quiet and to allow a

Community known as a nation..The externals in the Constitutional beginning

Were extensive..slavery and women's status..were dark coverings of Democracy..

Our History has recorded the slow progress of removing some of these 

Coverings..With setbacks..which offer lessons for the days we are now living..

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